Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Brimming with Ideas!

So, today my thoughts have turned toward autumn.  Convenient, since that glorious season is upon us!

Lexi was an October baby, so her birthday party was at the top of my list.  It's going to be a very small gathering, since we adopt the one-friend-per-year-old policy to help manage parties.  She and I finally agreed on a Ballet Party, so we'll transform our home into a dance school for the evening.  The girls will have a real ballet lesson from sweet Anna Penney.  The menu features an abundance of pink treats and punch.  I need to pick up the invitations and get them out because it's coming up so quickly.  Today, I barely made it off of my couch since I'm sick, so I guess it's obvious that I didn't make it out to get those sent off!

My sweet friend, Meredith, and I are on the hunt for some type of Halloween amusement for couples.  Cause who doesn't need an excuse to dress up on a regular basis?

I cannot wait to host our next party!  Just need a free Saturday morning... which will definitely NOT happen before November.  Well, that and a Belgian waffle maker, like this.  I'm thinking a waffle brunch with an old fashioned family picnic feel.

Ideas that have no spot... yet.  Grown-up Pirate Party, Touring the Bayou downtown, Art Show in my house using the delish menu I saw Giada make today (gotta find an artist... my friend, Cyndi, might be a perfect person to hit up), Painting with a Twist-again cause it was such a fun night!, a murder mystery party (I'm pretty sure the one I have waiting around for a party is a Hawaian theme), theatre night, comedy night, family portraits with my friend Christy (she did such a fabulous job last year!), dancing lessons and excursions, pumpkin decorating with my kiddos, multi-family cruise vacation, etc. etc. etc.  This list goes on and on!  There's so much life to do and not nearly enough time to do it all!  I'll savor each moment as it comes in the meantime.