Thursday, October 14, 2010

Totally stoked!

I won!  Four Houston Aeros tickets, parking pass and goodies to be exact... it was intended for family night, but with the youth retreat this weekend, looks like it's gonna be a great mom and her babies outing!  So stoked....

I was invited to a very special "Thank You for your support" event at work.  It's an invitation to (get this!) the Houston Zoo to feed and interact with the animals.  So stoked...

Tonight is Date Night!  So stoked...

I have tickets to Chicago and get to see my little seeester on the 22nd and celebrate two baby showers with her!  So stoked...

Friday, October 8, 2010

ONE HUNDRED things in 2010

Shout out to my sweet friend, Meredith, who inspired me to  "post a list of 100 random things" blog!  And without further ado, let's count!

  1. I'm married to Jeremy, my handyman, biggest fan and partner in crime.
  2. We've been married 11 crazy years and it's better now than ever.
  3. I'm mama, mommy and sometimes mom to Justus and Lexi.
  4. They make me laugh every day!  God gave them each an incredible sense of humor.  I love it!
  5. Lexi's birthday party is tonight and I'm soooooo not ready.
  6. but I will be!
  7. I miss my sister more than anyone in the world.
  8. My weekdays start at 4:30am.  I hate that.  I really do.
  9. I actually love to talk on the phone.  I know that's really 1995.  And not the kind of phone calls with a purpose, just the chit chat variety.  But people don't do that much any more.
  10. I drink one cup of coffee a day and always with something fancy in it.
  11. Not sure how I'd survive without my iPhone.  That thing keeps us organized and connected like nothing else.
  12. I run races for fitness.  I need the deadline of race day to stay motivated.
  13. My favorite part of church on Sunday morning is Ronnie's sermon.
  14. Once in a while, I wear flip flops at work, just to be rebellious.  I'm sure there are worse things I could do.
  15. My biggest pet peeve is being ignored.
  16. I've been daydreaming about having my own business lately.
  17. Maybe I will...
  18. Girls nights are one of my favorites in the whole wide world.
  19. I like to wear as much bling or oversized jewelry as my frame can carry.  (it's a delicate balance between plenty and too much.)
  20. I love planning events.
  21. My friends are amazing people! They make me want to be a better person just by being with them.
  22. I don't sleep enough.  Given the opportunity, I can sleep until noon like I did when I was a teen.  EASY.
  23. My unusual hobby is keeping up with what's happening in Houston.  It's kinda fun always knowing I could be also be doing something else exciting at any given moment.  And I've discovered that I love this city!
  24. I wish I had a bigger decorating budget because I am a little addicted to it.
  25. I'm a head-first, all-in kind of girl.
  26. Date nights are ridiculously important to me.  They must be frequent and fun.
  27. I'm having a terrific time playing Fantasy Football this year.  I've even been writing the weekly Recap, whether anyone reads it or not, I'm entertaining me.  :)
  28. I'd rather have a mani/pedi than a massage.
  29. I love going out and doing things.  I have to remind myself to stay home once in a while.
  30. I met Jeremy on my first day at Bible College.
  31. Even though I think she's a little crazy, Fly Lady changed my life.
  32. I go through random, unexplainable clutzy periods.
  33. I have a new facination with high heels.  Only the super cute ones, though.
  34. I like riding on motorcycles.  And I kinda miss Jeremy's sometimes.
  35. I think I need about four more pairs of rerock Jeans from EXPRESS... or maybe just one more.
  36. I want to travel more than I do:  Europe, Austrailia, more cruises, Hawaii, India, a safari, and Greece are at the top of my very long list and not necessarily in that order.
  37. My heart gets happy when Justus asks or sees what's for dinner and says, "YESSSS!  I LOVE THAT STUFF!"
  38. I was a boys basketball cheerleader.
  39. I was also a mime, but we don't talk about that.
  40. I love street tacos.
  41. We live far away from any family, so we have lots of "adopted" family members.
  42. I love having people come over to our house.  I secretly wish people would just drop in and hang out.
  43. I feel powerful when I use power tools.
  44. I miss scrapbooking and being crafty.
  45. My dad is coming today and I'm super happy about that.  He's a very cool guy.  I admire how smart he is!
  46. I sleep in a bed Jeremy built for us.  and that is romantic.
  47. My clothes hang by color in my closet... even still, I lose them and am occasionally surprised by something I find in there.
  48. I was born in San Luis Obispo, California while my mom and dad went to Cal Poly.
  49. I'm proud of my Texans and my new Texans jersey.
  50. I bought Lexi a ginormous set of Polly Pockets for her birthday.  I hope I don't regret that decision.
  51. Justus and I have an understanding about the Tooth Fairy, which by the way, I'm the worst one there is.  But he insists that I save the teeth and it seriously grosses me out.  I had to put one away this morning and nearly gagged doing it.
  52. We don't really do Santa either.  I don't have anything against the guy.  I just like the credit!
  53. I've been thinking about getting a nice camera. a lot.
  54. We went to Puerto Vallarta on our honeymoon and felt like a king and a queen.  Yeah, I could go back.
  55. I am ready for the "Do-over girls" to start our do-over projects.
  56. I like to have a little chocolate every day.  I'm a sucker for that stuff.
  57. I believe everyone has a story.  I believe it's an honor not to be taken lightly to be entrusted with someone's story.
  58. Almost always a tall skinny vanilla latte, but not always.
  59. Quality time, then Words of Encouragement.
  60. And while we're at it:  ENFJ (Meyers Briggs)  Heavy on the F, moderate on the E.
  61. I hate voicemail.  I went for six months without setting it up and would have been perfectly happy to keep it that way.
  62. Both of my kids were wonderful surprises.  I think we laughed both times.
  63. Singapore is the farthest I've ever been from home.
  64. I took French in school.  It's been basically useless.  I wish I'd taken Spanish.
  65. I want to be really really good at Salsa and the other Latin dances, but I need to learn and practice.
  66. My favorite color is pink.
  67. I am admittedly pretty competitive.
  68. When I first saw Justus after he was born, all I could think and say was that he was so huge.  It's a little embarrassing that that's what I said, but I guess it explains why he didn't want to come out and why I ended up with an emergency c-section.
  69. When Lexi was born via planned c-section, it was like a party!
  70. In fifth grade, I went to a girls' event and the speaker told us to think and solve problems in the bathroom/shower.  I never forgot that.
  71. Sometimes I feel that popcorn is a perfectly acceptable thing to serve for dinner on Sunday night.
  72. I used to be terribly judgemental and critical.  I wish I could take it all back now.
  73. I like to mess with my kids.  Justus and I had an ongoing argument about I Can't Believe It's Not Butter.  He was convinced that it was, in fact, butter.  Lexi and I have an ongoing argument about My Little Pony.  She is quite certain that they are "Not your Little Pony, mommy.  My Little Pony!"  And that is funny stuff.
  74. I'm a terrible judge of character (leave that to Jeremy.)  But I'm a great perceptor of mood.  I really enjoy making people feel comfortable.
  75. I love to play board games.
  76. Sometimes I freak out a little when I think about how I've been entrusted with two kids, a driver's license, a house, managing all that meeting space in a tower downtown, etc.... I'm still only 15, right?
  77. My First Family is a tremendous blessing to me!
  78. I adore Pei Wei.  I only wish they had an iPhone app like Chipotle.
  79. Lexi is really Alexis Kay, named after my dad's middle name, "Alexander", and my grandma, "Katherine", but who goes by "Kay".
  80. Justus' name was picked out in church on a Wednesday night during college when we were studying the Book of Acts.  His middle name, "Daniel", came later.  They mean "Righteous judge" and "God is my judge", respectively.
  81. I can say the alphabet backwards faster than I can say it forward.
  82. I ran my first half marathon last year, swore I'd never do that again, and decided to do it again within one week.
  83. I'll never bungee jump or skydive, but I would probably try almost any other adventurous thing.
  84. Jeremy and I are doing the Warrior Dash.  What could possibly go wrong?
  85. I hope God is doing something in my life, but I feel pretty clueless about what that is.  And I'm actually okay with that for the first time.
  86. I love roller coasters.  I dream of taking Justus on a roadtrip to ride the best ones in the country when he's tall enough to go!
  87. Sushi = delicious... wonder why I was so scared to try!
  88. DVR = ah-mazing... wonder why I waited so long on that too?
  89. I love establishing traditions for my family.
  90. I think Nike+ is brilliant technology.
  91. I am a Facebook addict.  If they start having recovery groups, I need to be the first one signed up.
  92. I own more hoodies than anyone really ought to, but I have trouble with the thought of parting with any of them.
  93. Once in a while I get in the mood to put on my fancy dresses and do something fancy.  That mood has struck!  I need an occasion.
  94. Three other jobs I've had:  Lifeguard/Swimming Instructor, Fundraising Coordinator, and Front Desk Receptionist at our College.
  95. I would like to know if tattood eye liner is worth it.
  96. Any reason to dress up is welcome!
  97. I'm silly and loud at home.  If you're there enough, you get to see that.
  98. I have more ideas than I could possibly ever execute in one lifetime.
  99. Since I don't believe in reincarnation, I guess I'll just have to do what I can.  It's a bummer.
  100. I'm very proud of the people Jeremy, Justus and Lexi are.  They are my delights.
Well, if you didn't know before... now you do!  Let me know if you play along.  For me, it's time to tell Meredith that I did.  :)