Sunday, February 23, 2014

A Mama's Heart on His Journey to Manhood: He's Almost 13

He's turning 13 soon.

I can't even wrap my mind around that. With both of my kids, I've loved watching their personalities emerge and I look forward to the days when we will be friends.

For now, our job is to raise them. Thirteen is a significant milestone on the journey to manhood, so we've decided to recruit some friends. During the six months leading up to Justus' birthday, he is spending an evening each month with a man he admires. The goal is to gain perspectives about what it means to be a godly man.

Jeremy and some buddies took him on a camping weekend back when he was eight to introduce the concepts. They use Raising A Modern Day Knight as a basis. The paraphrased qualities outlined there are:
• He accepts responsibility
• He rejects passivity
• He leads courageously
• He expects a greater reward

Fast-forward again to now. While Jeremy and I were setting up these outings with our friends, it occurred to me that I wanted in on the action! I told Jeremy I thought that having his mama weigh in on these things from a female perspective would be beneficial. So, I scheduled a date...
(He's almost as tall as me, y'all!)

We went to our favorite spot here in Sugar Land, Japaneiros. It was a packed house, so we sat at the sushi bar, but were kinda stuck in the middle so we couldn't really see what the chefs were doing. We had a great conversation. He made me laugh. It was cool out so, we chose Starbucks over Swirrl. As we walked, he flipped out about a Bentley, a Ducati and a 350Z. He's a car guy. Town Square on a Saturday night typically boasts a few interesting vehicles. And he showed his enthusiasm, as only Justus does, enough that some onlookers noticed his passion and commented on it. Ha. I've always said I wish I'd named him something that means enthusiasm!

We talked and laughed and shopped. When, we got home, I was exhausted, but he wasn't quite ready for the night to end so we sat on the couch together for a while. I feel privileged and blessed to be his mom.

The teenage train is coming. Even as a former youth minister with nearly a decade of experience, it's daunting and a whole different ball game when you're the parent!

God, help me lead Justus into manhood with Your love, Your grace, Your compassion and Your best for him in mind. Bless his teenage years with godly friends, growth, wonderful opportunities and the ability to leave a positive mark on his world for You.