Girls Nite Craft Details

  • Felt {approx 1 square foot}
  • Cotton fabric in the color of your choice
  • Fabric scissors
  • Necklace chain, pearls, etc.
  • Hot Glue gun 
  • Felt, Leather or Faux Leather Material {9" x 9" square per flower}
  • A clip
  • Glue Gun

  • Matching felt {approx 1 square foot}
  • Pretty Trimming/Lace
  • Necklace chain {pictured is 24 inches, but 18" works well too}
  • Pearls or other embellishments
  • Glue gun

  •  Felt {about a square foot}
  • Button, fabric covered button, embellishment for center
  • Hair clip
  • Sewing machine
  • Glue gun
    Tips-I've made the Anthropologie pom-pom necklace.  Loved it, but gave it to a good friend!
    • {Here's what you can do with a clip/pin}.  You might want to attach a pin and a clip to the back, like the photos from Little Miss Momma's post.
    • I think you could take any of these flower styles and make a necklace, pins, clip, barrette out of it.  So, pick the style you like and attach it to whatever "hardware" you prefer.
    • You don't have to buy new to make this.  Look around for stuff you have lying around that could be repurposed.  I have a stained hot pink EXPRESS shirt that is just begging for a new life as a flower.  I made my first necklace out of a pair of pin striped dress pants I never wore anymore.  I have a broken XL pearl bracelet that could become the center of a flower.  Christie suggested cutting up an old purse to make the leather one-fabulous idea!
    • If you do need to buy items, print this post and take it to the craft store as you shopping list.
    If you have a glue gun, bring it.  If you have fabric scissors, bring those.  I'll bring my sewing machine and put in some clear thread so that anyone can use it.  I'll also print out the templates