Friday, September 9, 2011

Fastastic Football

With the official kickoff to NFL last night, I thought it was about time that I shared these photos from this summer before I blink and it's baseball season again!  (Seems to happen faster and faster each year.  Why is that?!?)

Justus decided that he wanted to play football this summer.  I like football, so I decided that I could be on board with his plan.  So, we signed up for a great flag football league, where they emphasize a character quality each week as well as teach the fundamentals of the game.  The league was small.  There were only enough boys for two teams.  So instead of assigning teams, they basically scrimmaged with official individual stats each week.  A pretty good strategy for keeping it fair, fun and still competitive, in my opinion.

He loved it!
Every 10am-12pm Saturday morning practice-followed-by-a-game in the sweltering Texas summer sun.

A little warm up with Daddy.

His arm is not too shabby!

Lexi getting in on the warm up workout.

Coach was teaching football fundamentals and about the highlighted character quality this week.
Little seester.  Attitude sold separately.

Ha!  Lovin' that hair.  It's gone now, but it was a fun style.

After the first week, he came home and crashed out.

Completely zonked.

One of my proudest moments was when Justus was playing quarterback (they took turns rotating through positions) and threw a great pass, which was completed for a first down.  So proud of that kid!

Gotta stay hydrated.  This stuff is made in heaven.  I'm almost positive!
 Happy boy!

The whole gang.
He says he's ready for tackle!

And while we're on the subject, Jeremy took the kids to one of the Texans' practices.  Afterwards, they went out to go play for a while, so Justus and Lexi tried their hand foot at kicking.  Here are the results!

Maybe there is a future here!

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  1. Looks like a great summer! Loved the video, but Jeremy's commentary made it even better! :)


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