Thursday, March 8, 2012

Mr. Bluebird's on my Shoulder


At the risk of summoning Murphy's Law and the potential gain of feeding a thought pattern, I wanted to capture some of my thoughts this week. It's been a REALLY good week!  You list-makers can appreciate a list of blessings I want to acknowledge.  Others, just bear with me and know that you made the list, too!

  • God.  He listens when I pray and, even though he made all the stars, He's willing to move on my behalf when I go to Him.  Inconceivable.
  • Jeremy.  How to keep this short and sweet?  We laugh together.  We date a lot.  He supports me.  He's an incredible daddy.  I admire him as a person and the work that he does.
  • Justus.  He has a heart to do right.  He's easily redirected.  He's starting to take his leadership opportunities more seriously.  He's becoming a little entrepreneur and starting to take orders for  survival bracelets he's been making out of paracord.  Justus is all-around cool, but not too cool for his mama.
  • Lexi.  We're connecting in a new way.  She's so smart-even reading already!  She is a performer through and through, so she makes me laugh every day.  It's flattering and terrifying that she wants to be so much like me.
  • Friends.  There was recently a period of time where I'd see or talk to friends from time to time, but I really lacked connections.  I have no idea what flipped a switch this week.  As usual, I assume it was me!  But, I'm definitely appreciating the time and re-connecting.  It fuels my heart.
  • Business.  Thankful and terribly excited for a long term signed contract.  I got a thumbs up on the legal aspects of my proposal template from my lawyer.  (I deal in 140-5,000 characters~not 18 page documents!  So this felt like a feat of strength.)  Hopeful about some opportunities on the horizon, too.
  • Unexpected blessings.  "Oh, hello bonus!  I didn't see you coming."
  • Home.  It's a blessing to have a place to call home.  I've been enjoying making healthy food for my family (and sharing it with others, too).  Even Lexi, who complains about everything I put in front of her has been complimentary of my cooking the last two weeks.  (My secret is using recipes from  My sister-in-law can work some magic in the kitchen on a dime!  I'm thankful that she takes the time to share her cooking adventures in her blog.)  Plus, I'm dying to get my hands on my sewing machine to whip up some pillows for my office.
  • Church.  This is another subject that I could go on and on about... and yet I don't know where to begin.  This is a group of people where grace, healing, and growth is evident in their lives.  It's a place where sin is addressed without dismissing sinners.  I'm encouraged.  I'm challenged.  I'm blessed.  It's perfectly imperfect and you often hear members admit that.  "They let you make mistakes here" was the very first thing Martha Norman, the Senior Minister's wife said to me when Jeremy first started working there.  As a minister's wife, having that permission to blow it, to fall on my face, to fail is the very thing that has given me the freedom to significantly grow in my faith.  Funny how that works and truly thankful for it!
  • Mentor.  Diana... she just makes me smile.  She's so encouraging!  We're doing lunch today at my favorite spot.
  • Sister.  Jill listens to the big things and the little things.  She has my back in everything and gives me a new perspective on many subjects.  She puts up with my random texted photos with no description.  We can talk mom-stuff, wife-stuff, business-stuff, girl-stuff, sister-stuff.  It's amazing to have someone who "gets" you like that!
  • Service.  How strange is the economy of service!  That when I give, I'm blessed even more.
Are you thankful today?  What specific blessings makes your top three list?  (Comment below.  It'd be another blessing to me!)


  1. Oh sweet friend you are soooo cool!!! I love you and I know we don't see each other often I think of u so much!!! All is well all the changes are falling into place what a blessing it has been!!!

    1. Helen, I would looooove to hear more about it all! Let's get together soon.

  2. I loved this. :) You are so cute.

    thanks for sharing the recipe blog! I had no idea what I was going to make for supper tonight and I've had lentils in my pantry for weeks, so tonight I am making Egyptian Lentil Soup from her blog! :)

    1. Oh, nice! Tell Stephani I sent you. She's too cute. The blender soup is really yummy and the frugal gourmet pizza and the soaked wheat bread and the chocolate energy bites...

  3. Yay! A blog! It's been a while. :)
    Hmmm....3 things I'm thankful for this week:
    -The beautiful March weather!! 60's and sunshine. We may have had wind advisories, but that didn't get in my way! Along the same lines, it makes me so happy that the days are getting longer-it will be even better after this weekend with the time change. :)
    -Possible vacation opportunity!!!! (I know I don't need to explain my happiness about this to you!)
    -Your friendship. I honestly don't know what I would do without you. You are one of the very few people I can be completely honest with and not have to worry. I appreciate your words of wisdom more than you'll ever know.

    1. Love ya, Kelly! The spring like weather has been great. I didn't realize it was that warm up there! (Crossing my fingers in favor of vacation!)


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