Monday, December 17, 2012

Fun-filled Night of Girl Talk and Pillow Fights

We decided to host a Pajama Party for Lexi's birthday. She's at an age where all the girls are quite ready for sleepovers, so we thought we'd enjoy all the fun of the sleepover and all sleep in our own beds with a Pajama party. Lexi was thrilled that she'd get to stay up way past her bedtime. I'd call it a win!

Decorated for a Party!

Fashion Photo Booth

The sweet ladies at Anything Bling gave Lexi some fabulous scarves for her photo booth when we stopped in the Sugar Land location on her birthday. She was pretty pumped about her new earrings and haircut. She kept them pretty entertained while Jill and I shopped!

Jeremy, ever the handy-man, took fashion photos and had them broadcasting immediately to a slideshow on our TV.

Then the girls dressed him for a few more funny pics

Pajama Dance 

Trampoline Jump while waiting on Pizza

Musical Pillows & Old Fashioned Telephone

Birthday Cake Time

Paint My Nails Game - instructions {here}

Movie Time while our nails dry! - We watched {Molly: An American Girl on the Home Front}I

Some of it, anyway.

Party Favors and Goodnight

The girls went home with a personalized pillowcase and a little decorated cereal box for breakfast.

* Thanks to Jill for all the great photos!


  1. Love it! Looks like a great party!!

  2. That looks super fun! Good job, mama!


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