Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Sometimes in crafting (and in life!) you have to scrap the original plan and go with something else.

~Man, there is so much truth in that statement.~

You may remember that I ambitiously started a paper rose wreath eons ago... {}. Well, more than two years later, the wreath sat unfinished in my closet until I packed it up and moved it to our new place.

That's when inspiration struck.

I realized I was ne-e-e-e-ever going to finish a wreath full of tedious paper roses without dying of boredom. Plus, there was these three menacing burlap sacks I picked up at a flea market in February and had yet to do anything with them. So, I decided that burlap would cover the wreath much more quickly and I could repurpose the roses.
I covered the wreath with burlap poufs and moved the roses to a "W". Fifty-eleven hot glue sticks later...


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