Sunday, May 13, 2012


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Today marks the beginning of two crazy (the-good-kind-of-crazy!) weeks in the Williams' home.  (Many things to be thankful for, which is awesome in uncertain, sometimes worry-filled days.  Philippians 4:6 has been a theme lately.  More on that another time!)

We're kicking it off by celebrating Mother's Day.  When I think about Mother's Day, it's really hard to think about me--my thoughts turn to my Justus and my Lexi and how I am completely blessed beyond what I deserve to be their mama.  They are so much fun and such a joy!  I fear that today (Mother's Day) is going to go by so quickly and there aren't enough minutes to soak up the overflowing love I have for them.  I need at least a week to savor all this!

Funny how on a day when we celebrate motherhood, my thoughts still turn towards my kiddos.  Tell me I'm not the only one!

This may have been very poor planning on my part, but our anniversary is May 15.  Tuesday.  I've been looking forward to celebrating 13 years with Jeremy for several months now.  Jeremy often tells people that "we've had a good marriage and a bad marriage, both with each other."  There is so much good to celebrate that I've been bubbling inside with anticipation for MONTHS.  So, a Tuesday night date night is in order.  And I can't wait!  But again, I know that one day could not possibly contain enough moments to count the blessings in our life together.  I probably need at least a week for that, too!

Friday, I get to get away to the lake house in Austin with some of my girlfriends.  I'm blessed with wonderful friends.  Miles, busyness and time often get in the way, but my girlfriends are treasures.  I'm glad I'll get to spend a weekend with some of them!

On Sunday, I turn 35.  Ha!  How did this happen???  Maybe you're like me and your birthday causes you to reflect on your life.  I'm not sure where I thought I would be at 35, but I am loving where I am today and where I'm going.  Everything certainly isn't perfect, but it's still wonderful.  I want to spend my birthday basking in that peace and thanking God for it.  So, I probably also need a week for that because I'm sure to forget pieces, but maybe in the course of a week, I could reflect on all that I mean to.

(So by now, May needs to be 7 weeks long.  Any objections?!?)

After that, my baby girl graduates from pre-school.  Lexi got rave reviews from her teacher.  She's doing so well all around!  I'm looking forward to sending her to kindergarten.  (And, yes, I know that's weird.)  But she is soooo ready for it.  She is blossoming and it's fun to watch her radiate the way God made her... she holds nothing back!  So, while it's kind of unbelievable to realize that we are outgrowing the preschool years, we have so much to celebrate.  We need a week for shopping and teddy bear tea parties.

We'll follow that up with a visit from my in-laws over Memorial Day weekend.  It'll be great to see them! One of my favorite parts of that is seeing my kiddos spending time with their grandparents.  That's certainly something we miss living so far away in Houston.  So, I'm looking forward to filling that up while they are here!  You guessed it, an extra week would help.

Our last celebration is the end of an era for Justus.  He is completing elementary school and moving on to middle school.  Whoa.  It's mind-blowing to even think that is possible!  He's such a good kid.  Really!  He makes good grades.  He chooses good friends.  He plays his heart out every week on the field in flag football.  He won the dancing competition for the solo in his 5th grade musical.  I've always said that I wish I could have named him something that means exuberance.  He just LOVES life!  His Uncle Ryan always quotes him, "THAT.WAS.AAAAWWWWWEEEESSSSSSSSOOOOOMMMMMEEEE!!!"  I might need a week to contain the pride I feel for that kid and to wrap my mind around the fact that he will soon be a middle schooler!

Like I said, it's going to be crazy.... the good kind of crazy.  The word that would describe it is over-stimulated.  With so much wonderful crammed into such a short amount of time, I'm going to have to be deliberate about slowing down, breathing and savoring the moment.  The moments pass by too quickly.  But it's in moments like those that memories are formed and a life legacy is made.

God, don't let me rush from one thing to the next this month.  Help me to slow down and feel it all.  Thank You for being so good to me. ~D


  1. Beautifully said. You definitely have a busy few weeks ahead! So many things to be proud of and so many things to look forward to.

  2. There never seems to be enough weeks in a day. Scarcity is an economic term which seems to apply here. Less availability translates into greater value. Sandy and I enjoy watching your family. Exuberance is a family trait which parents have gifted to their children. It would be wonderful to live with Wonka at the Chocolate Factory where there is, "So much time and so little to do." Kudos to you and Jeremy for your 13 years, your middle-school-er and your kindergartener. Thank you for sharing.


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