Monday, July 9, 2012

I'm Late Late Late Late Late Late Late!

I know.  It's been ages and ages since I've posted!
As of late, my time has been filled up with full-time mama duties (it's summer, after all!) plus full-time entrepreneur endeavors.  And since I have no capacity for reason, I encouraged Justus to get involved in a production of Alice in Wonderland with the Queen Theatre.

All kidding aside, it's been a wonderful experience!

He earned the solo dance for Footloose in the fifth grade program at his school.  From there, his teachers said, "You HAVE TO put him in something!"  Not long after that, I spotted a call for a dance crew from the Queen Theatre on Facebook.  When I asked Justus if he was interested, he said,


We didn't waste any time, practice started the very next day!

Justus is the farthest bee to the right, dancing with Alexis.
Mad Hatter's Rap.  He's the green hoodie guy.
Five of Hearts, listening to the Queen of Hearts "sing"
The kids rode in a Fourth of July parade with the Queen Theatre in Meadows Place.  They had a blast!
Jeremy and I had a blast, too!  Truth be told, Jeremy said he's never seen me act like that before.
But, what happens in Meadows Place, stays in Meadows Place.
So, the show opened on Saturday.  Justus had quite a few fans in the audience!
Sami & Brandon and Keith came with their families!
Mark & Karen came, too!
Big hug for Mama B.
Chuck and Ambre came and brought a Jolie Delights cookie for the star!
We were also thrilled to have:
Bret and Ben
Suzanne and Allison
and maybe some others!  ~tell me if I missed you!~

Justus even had some fans who couldn't attend, but gave some sweet gifts.
Like a balloon from the Carlisles with a gift card for his fav FroYo!
And a bunch of balloons from Nana & Papa!
Since we do live so far from our families, it means soooo much to me to have friends like these who show up and love on our family.  We love you guys!

Jeremy brought Lexi to the show on a daddy-daughter date.  (They picked out the hat Justus is sporting in the picture above.)  Lexi absolutely loved the show!
Lexi and Riley (Alice)

Lexi and Virginia (White Rabbit) She spent the whole next morning getting ready for church, saying "Oh my goodness gracious, I'm late late late late late late late LATE!" just like the White Rabbit.
Last night, the cast visited Constellation Field for the Skeeters Game.  We had a lot of fun telling people about the show!
We've got three more shows next weekend.  We'd love it if you'd join us!


  1. I didn't grow up watching Alice in Wonderland and don't know it very well... and well when I saw the title to this post I wasn't thinking it was a line from Alice... I was thinking something TOTALLY different!! :)
    Cute pics! Looks like it was a great time!

  2. THAT would require a miracle, Jen!

  3. You have been a busy mama! Looks like Justus is having a blast with the show! So great that he's involved in something like that. I bet Lexi can't wait to do something like that. Wish I could see the show.


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