Sunday, October 28, 2012

A Bunch of Crazies - My Favorite Kind!

I adore these people.
 We have our quirks. Our stories. We might even be a little crazy. They are my family.
The Vaudrin (pronounced "vō-dren") Family, that is.

We had a super fun family reunion this month! We got three out of four Vaudrin kids, plus their spouses, their children, our dad and one uncle in one city at the same time.

The event was met with much anticipation, as we counted down the days:

Ryan, Jill and Aaron were first to arrive on Thursday and Dad wasn't far behind them.
Grandpa read a whole stack of bedtime stories to Aaron.

On Friday, we had lunch at a family favorite, Japaneiro's. Then, after my kids got home from school, Jeremy and Ryan took the kiddos to the park...

Meanwhile, Jill and I got our bake on!

The trampoline got some extra love this weekend while the kids enjoyed some Happy Cousin Time!
We grilled steaks for dinner and waited for Matt, Karina and Myra to arrive.

Some of us didn't quite make it...
They arrived! Matt wanted some steak and mashed potatoes, but opted to forgo the steak knife AND the fork. Ha! At least he looks happy.

Then it was time to bust out the board games. We introduced everyone to In A Pickle and then Imaginiff. Much hilarity ensued; and that's all I'm going to say about that.

I wish you could bottle up moments like these!

We had a blast and probably lasted until 2am. All of the cousins stayed at our place and decided to get the party started bright and early at 7am. Check out this adorableness!

We grabbed some muffins for breakfast then, we were off to Justus' last football game against Austin Varsity Black on Saturday morning.

The gang was all there!
(...except for Dad, cause he was picking up Uncle John at the airport. Yay!)

#16's mom

Matt and Karina

 Sweet Lexi Lu

Loves cheering for her big bubba!

That's #16, the shy one on the far right....

 The girls kept Aaron pretty busy.

Ryan and Jill

 Let's go, Longhorns!


More stylin'

Lexi and Myra indulged in quite the candy stash! The cheerleaders toss out candy bombs after every touchdown. We scored 34 points... and sat right in front of the cheerleaders. ;) Needless to say, they had a TON of candy before 10am.

After a fabulous football game, we moved on to model airplane flying on the levee behind our house. It was probably the most epic crash of all time! At 80mph, the plane went through the brush, through the barbed wire fence and into the side of the levee before it shattered into nine pieces!

We grilled burgers for lunch (Yum!) and spent the afternoon hanging out together.

We had two October birthdays to celebrate, so we shared a chocolate cake.

 Matt, Karina and Myra brought Dog with them. Yes, Dog is my brother's dog's name. Lexi loves Dog. Dog tolerates children well. Dog is a very good dog.
(And now I feel like I just wrote a "See Spot Run" book.)

More chillin' and apparently, story time for Uncle Ryan!

Dad brought his horseshoes down to Houston. It turns out I'm better at horseshoes than I expected to be... I scored three ringers!

 Saturday night, we hired a sitter and ordered pizza for the kids and the grown ups headed to Lupe Tortilla for dinner, then to Howl at the Moon for some music appreciation!

We had a lazy Sunday morning. This is the sweetest thing I woke up to on Sunday. That's enough to melt a girl's heart!

We made a big brunch of waffles, eggs, bacon/turkey bacon and fruit salad. By the way, the Pinterest pin about making bacon in the oven is sheer brilliance. Delicious and easy! (Even the clean up!) Plus, bacon is the way to Jeremy's heart... so that pin was #winning.

We enjoyed a few more hours with family then had to start our goodbyes.

Love my loud, fun, accepting, goofy family! Can't wait to do it again... ready to start planning for next year!

(P.S. In a related story, remind me to tell you about #Flood2012 sometime. Oy!)


  1. Sounds (and looks) like everyone had a great time! Sounds like there was lots of yummy food involved too! :) Love the last picture- definitely frame-worthy! :)

  2. Huh. I never knew the correct pronunciation of your name. After all these years....


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