Saturday, February 16, 2013

Love You to the Moon and Back

I woke up Valentine's morning and had a leisurely morning of work (if that's actually a thing!) at the Christiana's bay house on Tiki Island. Seriously, I think that place is magical. I can get so much done there.

I got back home around lunchtime and went to pick up Lexi shortly after that. Her teacher gave the class valentines that included bubbles, so she blew bubbles most of the way home until she decided to give her friend, Lily, the bottle of bubbles. She's such a sweetie.

The kids came home to Valentines from us.

Lexi's school Valentine's party was scheduled for Friday, so we filled out her class Valentines after school. She wrote. I stapled Pop Rocks to the backs.

They don't do Valentine parties in Jr. High, so Justus and I didn't need to do any for his class. It's kind of strange that that period is over. He said I could be his Valentine, but I know he's starting to notice girls... they grow up so fast!

Jeremy brought home some sweet Valentine gifts for me: dark chocolate, my favorite wine and a scarf.

Most of our Valentine's celebration actually happened on Friday. I went to Lexi's class for her party. They enjoyed doughnut holes and hot cocoa with whipped cream, which was perfect for a 9am party! The class gave Mrs. Morgan a Valentine. Each child had a chocolate rose to give to her along with some cozy socks, movie gift card, restaurant gift card and box of candy. All of it went with an adorable poem on the biggest Valentine I've ever seen!

Lexi loved getting Valentines (and candy!) from her classmates. She said her friends liked her Valentines to them, too.

When we got home, she stripped one of the rose bushes of all its petals and decorated the doorstep for the holiday. Everyone who came to the door commented on it!

Both kids had sleepovers, so Jeremy and I went out for date night. We met friends for dinner at Lupe Tortilla. Our server brought us flan and chocolate covered strawberries on the house. Yum!

After dinner, Jeremy and I decided to catch a movie. It was freee-eee-eeezing in the theater! He felt badly for me, shivering in there. No worries, it gave me a great excuse to snuggle.

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  1. I missed this post before. Love Lexi's doorstep decorations. :)


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