Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Five years from today...

This morning, I found myself thinking about what my life might look like five years from now.
Source Dan Zadra. Looks interesting!

Frankly, my five year plan needs some serious fleshing out. The details are not clear. Maybe writing them will help. So here goes:

I see Justus, taller than me, as a high school Junior. He's playing football and thinking about college. He's still serving with his buddies at church, but their horizons have grown. And as long as I'm dreaming, he still wants to tell me all about his day.
Lexi is a fifth grader. She's a great student with a love for the stage. She has lots of friends and a full social calendar. I picture the children's ministers giving her opportunities to lead, as they have done so well with her big brother. We enjoy special mom/daughter times often.
Jeremy is rocking his job. We're still having a blast dating. We're showing hospitality and traveling more together. He hasn't quite mastered the art of a clean garage, yet, but the motorcycle is back in one piece. (Just teasin'.)
My career has taken off. I get to set my own schedule and work from virtually anywhere doing what I love and making a difference for many, many ministries around the world.
We're still in Sugar Land, enjoying the friendships we've built over many years. And (bonus, cause it's my dream!) some family members have taken up residence nearby. Yay!
Yes, that is a bit more clear now. I'm actually feeling a little reserved about hitting "Publish" on this one. But I think the conclusion is worth the risk of sharing. The point is this. I came to the conclusion that today needed to be filled with choices that my five-years-from-now-self would appreciate!

Every day, in every moment, you get to exercise choices that will determine whether or not you will become a great person, living a great life. Greatness is not something predetermined, predestined or carved into your fate by forces beyond your control. Greatness is always in the moment of the decision.” – Jeff Olson, Author The Slight Edge

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  1. I love this! It's really awesome to be able to see a clear picture of what to work towards. I'm really bad at looking to the future and setting goals, but your post encourages me to really think about what I want for myself and my household (future family?).


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