Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Swinging for Curveballs

May has thrown some real curveballs. In a lot of ways I'm feeling like I've been pegged by every. single. one. It is beyond frustrating!

My natural inclination is to become cynical.

Fortunately, God knows me better than I know me. He keeps putting little reminders at just the right moments in my days to show me that He has a plan. Even in the chaos! He's using conversations and texts and messages from friends to keep me from diving head first into Cynical World.

I'm pushing forward.
I'm keeping my chin up. (ok... trying!)
I'm looking for that next right step.
I'll be grateful for the good.
And maybe even the annoying, bad and frustrating, too.
(Thankfulness is a pretty effective attitude adjuster.)
For those who have tossed me a "life raft" in the form of a gentle reminder or check-in, thanks!

Side note: We just finished Annie with Justus which features the song, Tomorrow. And we're gearing up for Willy Wonka with Think Positive. Maybe I need to pay attention. :)

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