Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Day 10-A childhood memory

a childhood memory
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childhood memory

When I was a kid, I spent summers at my dad's house... they were fun days with my brothers, Mike and Matt, and my sister, Jill.  One of my favorite memories is the nights we ditched our beds in favor of "bunking out" together in the living room.  Now, our living room has hardwood floors, which are less-than-inviting for sleeping on.  But my kids do the same thing.  They have three beds between the two of them and a couple of pretty comfortable couches, even.  But they like to camp out on the floor together.  And just like old times we have to go in and tell them to be quiet and go to sleep.  But really, I don't mind.  That's the stuff the memories are made of!  That's the glue that makes your brothers and your sisters your best friends for life.
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