Saturday, August 13, 2011

Day 13-Yourself with 13 things

yourself with 13 things
Please add {} to the caption of your photo, wherever you are hosting it in order to link viewers back to the 30 Day Photography Challenge link up.

For details on how the 30 Day Photography Challenge works, see {here}.

me with 13 things
I'm doing a little decorating in my study so here's me with 13 turquoise paint samples...

Steps to Participate:

1. Take the daily photo
2. Upload your photo to a photo-hosting site or your blog. Add to the caption of your photo.
3. Grab the url code of the photo by right-clicking it and "copy and paste" it into the link tool posted at the bottom of each day.  If you have trouble adding it with a thumbnail, just select "Generic"... that seems to work, even on Facebook.
4. Check out other people's work. Be a friend and like people's posts. It's encouraging to get positive feedback!


  1. Commenting- but see that you bumped over the 20,000 views :( I missed it

  2. Rules were... sixth to comment wins. Guess I'm #2. :)

  3. And I wouldnt change the color...I LOVE the red!....number 4....

  4. I did think it was funny that you went outside during a movie to take your sunset photo/...# 5

  5. And I LOVEDLOVEDLOVED seeing you in Eagles Nest!>>> #6

  6. These must be what you were picking out when we were on the phone earlier. :)


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