Thursday, October 6, 2011

Pinnable Me-Home Office Dreamspaces

The time has come for me to use the Home Office for its intended purpose... officing!

Problem is, if I'm honest, it has become kind of a stash zone.  There are craft supplies and papers to file and art projects to store and... and... and...

It's time to go out with the old and in with the new!

So I bought this old table as my desk.  And I thought I had a photo of it on my iPhone, but alas!, I do not at this time.  Maybe we can do a before and after reveal later on the blog.  For now, let's get on to my inspiration or better said, {Pinspiration}!

And while you're at it, you can check out {my other pin boards} and follow me!  wink, wink

This is how I picture myself in my office, being productive and creative (and cute and barefoot!).

I'm totally digging the freshness of these colors!

I love the idea of the old table desk sooo much.  Jeremy bought me a fabulous one off of CraigsList.  Now my job is to determine what color to paint it, if I'm painting it at all!

I really, really want to find an old desk chair and guest chairs and give them new life with a fresh coat of paint...
and some fabric...
This one looks a lot different in real life.

Every workspace needs some inpiring artwork...

Some great lighting...
J'adore this chandeliere!

A big lamp on top of my desk!
And a place to keep important documents...

And a place to capture that inspiration!

Let the work begin!
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  1. LOVE the color palatte with the berries!! If it were me I might paint the desk/table the coral color from that palatte! Either that or the turquoise green on the left!! I love your pinspiration! Great collection of mood & design photos, it makes me miss putting together mood boards in college for designing!


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