Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Birthday Post

Justus is becoming such a wonderful young man. He looks up to his Daddy so much and loves to spend time doing guy stuff with him... whether it's working in the garage, having guys' night, simply running errands, or getting up early every Sunday to help out around church.  He is Mr. Cool.  He's all about football, AirSoft, Paintball, and video games.  Justus is a fabulous big brother to Lexi-he's great about looking after her and including her.  And she looks up to him.  He chooses his friends carefully.  While he can be totally goofy~like singing karoeke at Skeeters last week, even though he was botching the high notes on purpose, his performance brought down the house~he's also very caring and compassionate.  I just love that kid!

In honor of Justus for his birthday, I decided to collect pictures from some of his birthday celebrations here.   Enjoy!

April 10, 2001

Public Service Announcement:  Please back up your hard drives, people.  I'm really bummed about how many photos I'm missing!

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