Saturday, April 7, 2012

Paintball Party

 Justus will be eleven (!) on Tuesday, but his birthday party is already in the books.  He really wanted a paintball party, so we invited a few friends and mini-road tripped it up to Tanks in Katy.

The crew all geared up and ready for some paintball action!

The birthday boy listening closely to the rules.  (He's a handsome kid.)

And one silly little sister...

Ben sported his Easter bunny ears for the occasion, cause... you know... "why not?"

 Tough guys

Justin in action

We headed back to our house for pizza and cake.

Paintball can make a guy pretty hungry.  See Exhibit A-Justus. 

Exhibit B-Travis

 Exhibit C-Taylor

Exhibit D-Justin

Exhibit E-Lexi (Okay.  Not a guy.  And technically she didn't play paintball, but she managed to splash paint all over Grandpa, Jacob, and me in the staging area by stomping wayward paintballs!)

Seriously, these are not staged.
Okay.  You're right. That one was staged, Ben.


Justus' birthday "cake" was Paintball Cakeballs

Happy birthday, dear Justus!  Happy birthday to YOU!

... and some presents, too!

One of the gifts was an Aerobie and a Boomerang, so the boys hit the street to test it out.  I walked out front to find AJ trying to get it out of the tree.
They did get it down and they had a blast!

But if we want to play with them again, well, I guess we'll need to knock on our neighbors' door and bring a ladder to retrieve the boomerang from their roof and knock the Aerobie out of the tree.  Again.

All the guys went home with these seriously incredible cookies made by my friend, Ambre, owner of Jolie Delights.  Not only are they perfectly decorated, they taste amazing, too!


  1. Good day Ms. Life Uncontainable,

    I work for a local paintball shop down in NJ. I was lead to this site from Google and the pictures of your kids are just too much!

    I am commenting to ask permission if I could use those pictures for our website. It is for commercial purposes.

    Before you say yes or no, please just comment with any questions you have and we can take it from there.

    Thank you,

    1. Thank you for asking, but no. I cannot give you permission to use my photos.

    2. Understood. Thanks for the reply. Best!


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