Sunday, July 31, 2011

30 Day Photography Challenge!

I don't know about you, but one thing I love about life is that there is always something new to learn, something to try, or another way to stretch and grow. (As I write, our family literally just got on a highway we've never been on to travel to a state we've never been to!)

But, let's reign this in and focus on one of those things that everyone, even professionals, wants to be better at-photography. So, your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to snap a picture every day for the next thirty days beginning August 1.

Here's the list we'll be working off of:

You can host your pictures however you like... Make a public album on Facebook, Snapfish, Picasa, yfrog, your blog-doesn't matter where you upload them, as long as you can link us back to them. At the bottom of each day's post, you'll find a linky box. There, you can title your link and enter the URL of your photo for that day/category. Then we'll be able to see each other's pics!

A couple of notes for those who will use Facebook... I figure that will be the most popular hosting site. When you create the album, be sure to make the privacy setting "public" so everyone participating will be able to see your work. On your computer, when you open the photo to view it, right click on the photo. Its properties will display. You'll see it's URL about halfway down. Copy the URL that ends with jpg and paste that into the linky box on my blog.

Facebook is being a stinky pants about linking up.

I recommend that you create a public album on one of the hosting sites for all of your Photography Challenge photos or a blog post with your entry each day.  You'll either have to grab the url code of the photo itself by right-clicking it and "copy and pasting" the line that ends with "jpg" or copy the url in your browser to enter in the link tool posted at the bottom  of each day.  This allows you to see what the others who are participating have done and lets them see your work, too.

Also, be a friend and like people's posts.  It's encouraging to get positive feedback!
 If you have questions, I'm happy to walk you through it!

My plan is to have the post available at 12:01am each day of the challenge, so that you can link up whenever it's convenient during the day!

Who's with me?

Steps to Participate:
1. Take the daily photo
2. Upload your photo to a photo-hosting site or your blog. Facebook is being a stinky pants and not sharing.
3. Grab the url code of the photo by right-clicking it and "copy and paste" it into the link tool posted at the bottom of each day.
4. Check out other people's work. Be a friend and like people's posts. It's encouraging to get positive feedback!

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  1. um... love this! I love all things photography, but with my pregnant brain, I'm not sure I will remember to post a picture everyday. But I'm going to try... this will keep me busy as I wait for little miss to get here!


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