Saturday, July 9, 2011

Spotlight Saturday: Paige

Spotlight Saturday:  Paige
In case you missed it, what's {Spotlight Saturday} ?

Meet my beautiful friend and amazing nanny, Paige

I wish I could tell you some story about meeting Paige, but I honestly don't remember actually meeting her.  I DO remember seeing her as a student around the school that rented our church at the time.  I remember being left with the impression that there was a maturity in her soul that is uncommon in teenagers.

(Oh!  Maybe I haven't told y'all this... sorry!  My degree is in Youth Ministries and Biblical Studies.  I worked in Youth Ministry for close to ten years before I started doing what I do now.  All that to say, I love teenagers.  I've spent a lot of time with them.  :) )

Back to Paige.  So what inspires me about Paige?

She has a super genuine servant's heart.  Paige started babysitting for us about three-ish years ago.  In the summer of 2009, I asked her to nanny for us full time.  I needed the help, but I had no idea how blessed I would be by her!  I mean, she just sees what needs to be done and she gets involved.  It's humbling to tell you all the ways she helps me manage this house-laundry, dishes, errands.  I'm very lucky to have her!  A couple of weeks ago, she offered to jump in and help me with my weekly {home blessing hour} while Jeremy was in Honduras.  I totally appeciated the help, but I think her comment "That was really fun!" afterwards is what really stuck with me.  She's always asking if there's something she can do to help me while I'm at work.  She loves to help people and she's very good at it.  I'd definitely list service among her spiritual gifts.

Paige has a passion for growing.  We talk a lot.  She shares what's going on in her life with me.  No matter what is going on with her, she's never satisfied.  She always wants to improve herself.  It's a healthy balance, though.  She is comfortable with who she is today and yet wants to change for the better.  Lately, we've had fun texting back and forth with some inspiring quotes that I subscribe to... I think it keeps us both on track!

Lest you think she's all work and no play...

She's a spunky little kid at heart.  You should hear the rambunctious play in the game room and on the trampoline with my kids.  Last night, they busted out the sleeping bags to sled down the staircase.  My kids adore Paige and Paige loves them!

"A pink yeti, a ballerina, and a bumble bee...
this is either the beginning of a children's story
or the first line of a joke."  ~Jeremy
She loves to take them places, play with them, guide and teach them right and wrong, giggle with them, chill with them, and snuggle with them.  As a momma, I couldn't ask for anything more.  A couple of evenings, Jeremy and I have gotten home from work about the same time to find the three of them sitting on the rockers on the patio, just talking and laughing.  It's fun to watch.  Then, it's fun to turn on {the kids' current favorite song} on the speakers outside, just to catch them offguard.  They always jump up and run inside.  But it's so sweet to see them there, just enjoying each other.

Waiting for their daddies to return from Honduras...

Paige, I love ya, girlie!  I don't think you'll ever know what a blessing you are to me.  I can't wait to see the amazing things God does in your life... I've already seen Him working.  And I'm humbled that He's allowing me to be a part of that-both as a friend and as someone who is blessed by you daily!



  1. What a blessing (as Paige's mama) to read about my daughter written from another woman's heart. Thanks for blessing us both, Dana!

  2. Totally not surprised~~< when she came over w Lexi she was awesome and sooo friendly!! One thing I personally witnessed is how she made sure Lexi was polite by saying please and thank you!!!

  3. She sounds like a great person and an awesome nanny!


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