Wednesday, July 6, 2011

What's the haps? a.k.a. While You Were Out

So, Jeremy spent 12 days in {Honduras}.

I'll let him tell you a little about the {work they did}.  Enjoy the snippet of the "Party Bus" they enjoyed one day on the trip!

We stayed busy.
just a little!

While Jeremy was away, the kids enjoyed:
...a trip to the zoo with Paige and the Childrens' Ministry at church
...a playdate to catch "The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything" with Phoebe (who subbed for Paige) and friends
...two Preschool Play times for Lexi, one of which took the kids through The Tabernacle Experience
...Justus and Paige enjoyed The Tabernacle Experience
...a trip to Congregation Beth Messiah with Paige and the Childrens' Ministry at church, where they learned about how modern Jewish Christians worship
...Justus worked at the fourth grade watermelon stand at The Tabernacle Experience to raise money for Hope for Haiti practice, pictures and a game!

...{PixOs} that my mom sent were a hit!
 PixO Creations!

We made some popcorn and watched a movie together the first night.

We managed to get in our annual {Father's Day photo} for Jeremy's office~better late than never!

We enjoyed some smoothies while we waited our turn for portraits.

We had some friends over a couple of evenings.  Vanessa came for a dinner inspired by Char House Grilled Chicken one night and Kaitlyn came for homemade pizza another.  I got pretty excited about the Chicken and Dumplings I made, too.

Believe it or not, this picture is from our Bible Class.
 We're doing a study on Putting Possessions in Perspective.  If you live in the area, it's good!  You should come! 

I got to catch up with an old friend from college, {Mari}.  We brought our families and met at Fuddruckers for dinner.  It was fun to chit chat and see where life has taken us!

I got to take the kiddos on a evening playdate to see Cars 2 with friends and mommas
(I love that Lexi sits and snuggles on my lap through the whole movie!)
I had a pretty big event one evening at work...

Paige was sweet enough to make sure I still got my date nights, even with Jeremy away.  I enjoyed some time out with girlfriends that even included a concert and a fashion show!

We learned that I can grill.  And I was deemed "better at chicken than Daddy", so apparently I have a new job.  Jeremy should have feigned more disappointment at the loss of title.  I'd feel better about the win that way.

The mailbox proved interesting while he was gone!  Marcia sent a package with a field guide for how to use my camera.  She's trying to keep me in check on the {50 Things in 365 Days}!  I changed my mind about the color of camera bag Jeremy and his parents got me.  When the yellow one arrived as a mustard instead of canary yellow, I determined that pewter was the way to go.  My J <3 D necklace I got myself for my birthday finally arrived, too!


I also bought a church window.  Cause really, who DOESN'T need a church window?

and worked on getting Bella's stuff organized
...more on those later!

For now, I'll just leave you with this funny pic of Lexi and me getting pretty for Jeremy to come home.


  1. You guys were definitely busy! Love the photo for Jeremy! I bet he did too! The necklace looks great too. :)

  2. Looks like a busy and fun week!! I love the necklace!


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