Tuesday, July 26, 2011

These are a few of my favorite things: Summer Blog Swap!

I participated in another of Meredith's famous blog swaps.  It's like a party in your mailbox!  If you get the chance, you should play along sometime.  This time, the theme was "A Few of My Favorite Things".  We were matched up with a partner and we were to send a brown paper package with something orange, something funny, something we love, something that cost $1, and something sweet to our partner.  If you want more info, you can check out {the rules}!  Then, we all participate in {the link up} to show what everyone sent and received.

I was matched up with {Kelly}.  I've never met her, so I did a little blog stalking research.  (I kid! I kid!)  Part of the fun of this was to getting to know someone new!  I found out she and her hubby like to do home improvement projects, like Jeremy and me, and that she loves her pooch, Bridger.  Kelly is super sweet and patient.  I got a little side-tracked on getting my package to the post office on time, but it DID arrive!

In my haste, I forgot to take a pic of the contents of my brown paper package I mailed, but Kelly said I could borrow hers.  Thanks, Kelly!  Here's what I sent:
Something orange:  An orange lobster doggie toy for her beloved dog, Bridger
Something funny:  A set of "Greetings from Crazyville" note cards.  They totally resonated with my life and pretty much every girlfriend I know!  I should pick up an extra pack for my {50 Things in 365 Days-49. Send 10 Just for Fun Cards}.  Hope you like them, Kelly, and hope they help you keep in touch with the important people in your life.  :)
Something that costs $1: A cute little cardboard box.  It's take-out box-esque and matched everything perfectly.  It's holding the Jelly Bellies (we'll get to those in a sec), but maybe it'll be useful for containing some other treasure.
Something I love:  Popcorn.  Most Sunday nights it's what's for dinner.  On occasion I've been known to go to the movies just for the popcorn.  Sad, but true.
Something sweet:  1 lb of Tropical Jelly Belly Jelly Beans.  As much as I like popcorn and a host of other foods, I still believe jelly beans in general should taste like fruit.
And because I'm ridiculous an overachiever ...
Something extra:  A fun see-through orange with colorful dotted bangle bracelet
Something extra:  A pair of hot pink earrings to match the summery bracelet

Something Orange: Extra Dessert Delights Dreamsicle gum

Something Funny: Talladega Nights.  I've never seen it, but Ricky Bobby claims it's the best movie ever made... course it's his ballad, so he might be a tad biased!  Looks like a good reason to pop some popcorn and laugh. 

Something that costs $1: A Target shopping bag, which happens to be perfect for cultivating my inner green person.

Something that I love: Essie polish in a juicy coral shade.  Helllloooo, summer time fingers and toes!

Something Sweet: Big box of Starburst, which will be perfect for snacks on our road trip to New Mexico coming up this weekend!

Thanks for the brown paper package all tied up with string of goodies, Kelly!  Nice "meeting" you.  Maybe one day, we'll meet in real life!

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  1. so... is Dana going to plan a blog swap anytime soon? :) I have things floating in my head for ideas...


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