50 Things in 365 Days

Updated July 14, 2011

If you make the list in February, it doesn't count as a New Year's Resolution
...just sayin'.
Since not planning on dying within the year, it doesn't count as a "Bucket List"
...just sayin'.
This is simply a list of things I wanna do this year!

Disclaimer:  I reserve the right to add items at any time, but not the right to remove anything.
  1. Meet my brand new nephew, Aaron {Aaron!}
  2. Try eggs benedict-Thanks for the tip, Marcia!
  3. Make three Snapfish books in February before my Living Social Deals expire-yikes!
  4. Use our salsa dancing lessons Groupons (1 of 2)
  5. {Wedding}, {wedding}, wedding
  6. Take a trip for our 12th anniversary (booked Labor Day Weekend)
  7. Host a waffle party
  8. Enjoy another girls night out with Virginia-and more, yay!
  9. Run one, maybe two, 10Ks (postponed til' August, due to foot surgery)
  10. and run Justus' school 5K-and watch Justus do the Fun Run & Lexi do the Toddler Dash
  11. Recover from foot surgery :-(
  12. Do rodeo-twice, minimum (4 of 2)
  13. Play bingo
  14. Take a business seminar (2 of 2)
  15. Learn to use my camera (started!)
  16. Make fondue on a day other than Christmas Eve
  17. Take country dancing lessons
  18. Take a family vacation (New Mexico rocked)
  19. Own more sassy heels
  20. Have more fun and less stuff-excluding sassy heels, of course (eliminated over 125 items so far)
  21. Make and mail my five seven handmade pay it forward gifts
  22. See the pirates exhibit (closed in Houston on February 6)
  23. See at least two Aeros games (5 of 2)
  24. Take RENEW class (6 of 6)
  25. Six girls night outs with Lexi (3 of 6)
  26. Six mommy/son date nights with Justus (1 of 6)
  27. Play fantasy football (draft order selected-Lucky #4)
  28. Get a mentor at work (Mentoring for five program)
  29. Get a mentor from church (I love Diana!)
  30. Go to bed at my bedtime for two weeks straight.  Step one:  determine bedtime.
  31. Watch Inception
  32. Make a height ruler for my kids-transfer all the heights I've collected
  33. Get caught up on doctor visits
  34. Send Justus to church camp
  35. Go camping-maybe with friends?
  36. Make cupcakes for Jeremy, just because ({found recipe})
  37. Finish that {Faux Rosewood Wreath} (got some more completed)
  38. Kiss in the rain (rain would be helpful.  We haven't had any this year.)
  39. Make breakfast in bed for my family
  40. Go on six double-dates with our friends (2 of 6)
  41. Fill my kids' marble jar with praises for good behavior/attitudes {Chuck E. Cheese, here we come!}
  42. Spotlight 30 friends on {Spotlight Saturdays} (10 of 30)
  43. Get father's day pictures done on time-ish
  44. Beautify the backyard (halfway!)
  45. Blog everyday for one month
  46. Make Lexi's black tutu
  47. Suprise my handyman {Happy February 3rd, Mr. Williams!}
  48. Give freely (8 of 20)
  49. Send ten just-for-fun cards (3 of 10)
  50. Jump on the trampoline with my kids every day for one week, allowing for one "grace" day-means I have eight days to complete it
Completed item count: 24
In Progress item count: 16
To Do item count: 10


  1. Re-posting my comment:) :

    I like to see "playing bingo" on your list... ;)

    & I LOVE the waffle party idea!

  2. #38 is a MUST. If I can just accomplish that this year, I'll be happy


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