Wednesday, January 19, 2011

As promised (and at long last!), wedding pictures!

Preface:  I would hate for this opportunity to pass me by without saying a few words about Marcia:

Marcia is a true, true friend.  She's genuine, thoughtful, and full of grace.  She has a great sense of humor and knows discretion.  She's highly motivated and very impressive in what she accomplishes!  She has been right there with me through some of my worst days.  And I'm so very grateful.  She speaks truth, both when it's hard to hear and a relief to hear.  She's simply an amazing friend.  So, I was very honored when she asked me to help coordinate her wedding even though I live five hours away!  It was a joy to be able to help make her wedding day everything she dreamed it would be.

And now, speaking of the wedding day, let's get on with the pictures!

Wedding Day hair and makeup

Purple pajamas and purple crocs.  Cuteness.  Marcia's favorite color is purple.  I used to hate the color, but it's growing on me.  In fact, I wore purple Saturday and Sunday just for her!  (and I even kinda liked it.)

The gap in photos is because I was busy doing "coordinating things".  I finally remembered my camera was waiting for me during the reception.
Mr. and Mrs. (yay!  happiness!)

Cupcake tower with the top layer as a real cake for the bride and groom to cut.  Take your pick:  Vanilla, Vanilla with Raspberry, or Red Velvet!
Thought you might enjoy a close up of the {grooms's gift} in action!

I'm kinda bummed that I didn't get photos of all the wonderful food.  It was soooo creative and simple!  So, allow me to describe... huge glass jars filled with various flavors of popcorn, everything from White Cheddar to Spicy Jalepeno to Confetti, which was all different flavors and colors of candied popcorn.  Totally fun!  The most ginormous Edible Arrangment I have ever seen... chocolate covered strawberries and bananas, oh my!  Deli trays and veggie trays.  Delicous and healthy!  And a table full of the most delectible pies.  I think I was still raving about the Blackberry Pie on the way back to Houston the next day!

Some of Marcia's friends from school... "hey, Regina!  It was great to meet you!"

I simply adore this picture!  She looks like she's having such a wonderful time!


Marcia and me

First dance to "Then" by Brad Paisley

Father and daughter dance to "The Lion Sleeps Tonight."  Adorable.  He would sing and she would sing backup when she was a toddler.

A kiss from my handyman.

A little silliness.  Because we are a little silly.

A few words about Matt:  I don't know him well, but I know that he's kind, steady, and supportive.  He brings out the "even more amazing" in Marcia.  I know he loves Marcia and that she's crazy about him!

Matt & Marcia, best wishes for a life together that is overflowing with love, fun, friends, and faith!

...and just in case you were wondering about {the dress}.


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