Monday, January 31, 2011

A Marathon Finish Line is Not for the Faint of Heart

Things I learned at Chevron Houston Marathon finish line:

People have all kinds of reactions to finishing a marathon.
some are elated.
some become comedians.
some are only looking for water.
some demand their medal.
(it's an honor to give it to them, they earned it!)
some kiss their medal.
some weep.
some are rushed by on gurneys.
some are disappointed.
some friends give you hugs.
some perfect strangers give you hugs.
one perfect stranger wanted a kiss.
he got a hug.
some are simply dazed.

They aren't kidding when they tell you about how bodies react to running that far.
I had fun working with Stacey (crazy coincidence that we arrived at exactly the same time and in side by side parking spots in such a HUGE event) and getting to know Christina!
I saw all the runners I was expecting to see:  Phil, Susie, Pete, and Katie from work.  John, Joshua, and Jonathan from Living Water.
plus I saw a couple of people I wasn't expecting to see:  Marc & Tina from work.

Way to go, y'all!

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