Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Two-years and counting~

Yesterday marked my two-year anniversary at my job. It's been a crazy couple of years!

I can honestly say that I've...
been stretched,
developed personally,
changed my view of the world,
lost it,
felt on top of the world,
totally blown it (last time: Thursday),
been honored,
been jipped,
experienced things I never would have otherwise,
met some great people I never would have otherwise,
spent more money on office supplies than should be legal,
adapted to become more efficient,
bought more clothes (love that!),
gotten used to the 40th floor,
and the elevator ride,
honed skills,

and I'm glad I made the decision to change my career path.   I can say with confidence that this experience has put me on a career trajectory that I'm excited about seeing what is to come!

Thank you, Margarita, Susie, and Larry for entrusting me with this opportunity.  (Not that I think you'll ever read this!)  Regardless, all three of you will always hold a special place in my heart!


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