Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Pics or It Didn't Happen!

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but a memory is immeasurable!
(Make a happy memory today.)

Quite frankly, I've joked about the title of this posting... and I probably will continue to do that.  It usually means that I wish I could see what adventure is coming up next in your life cause I won't be there to experience it with you.  Pictures are great, but they're a pretty poor substitute for being in the moment.

That being said, I love pictures because they have a pretty unique way of triggering a memory!

I don't have a picture for you today.


We got home pretty late from taking my Grandma to the airport and everyone practically dove into their pajamas.  Me?  I was tired.  But Lexi was pretty convinced that we were going out onto the new trampoline to jump in our jammies.  Thus, The Great Pajama Jump was born.  I was informed of this when Jeremy walked in the door.  Not being quite in the mood, he went out and jumped with the kids for a bit.  A few minutes later, he came back in and they continued jumping.  By then, I had decided I was up for it, so we snuck outside and were creeping up on the trampoline when they heard us and screamed.  We scrambled up there and all four of us jumped and giggled and played goofy trampoline games.  There were minor injuries, very minor, but there was FUN and silliness and laughter!  By the time we were done, we were exhausted, out of breath and our stomachs hurt from laughing.

Before bed, both my kids both kept saying with the biggest grins on their faces, "That was sooo fun!"

My cup is overflowing... and I kinda like it that way.

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  1. Aww! That's so cute! Sounds like you guys had a blast!


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