Thursday, January 27, 2011

How fun is this?!?

My friend, Meredith, is hosting a {Nail Polish Swap} over at her blog.  You don't have to be a blogger to play along!  All you really have to do is have an address and be able to buy and ship a bottle of OPI Nail Polish by next Friday AND sign up.  I'm playing... and I thought maybe some of my readers would like to join in.  If you do sign up, let Meredith know I sent ya.  ;)

{This collection} is causing quite a stir, at least down here in the Lone Star State, we're diggin' it!


  1. I love those colors! I have a nail polish problem. I buy a color I love in the store, get it home, paint my nails and hate it. I have a collection of once used bottles in a drawer. We were shopping and yet another "fabulous" color caught my eye. And my ever patient Beloved asked "exactly how much are we spending on nail polish?" So I'm trying to refrain from buying another bottle....for now. :)

  2. Well, Timberley, the first step is admitting you have a problem. ;) They should put out "testers" of every color, like paint samples! It should be a color painted on an acrylic nail that you can hold on your finger to see if it works. That kind of tool would help you focus your nail polish budget!

  3. That would be BRILLIANT!! Paint samples would solve my polish problem! Hmmmm......

  4. There ya go. Patent it and make your millions so you can travel and write!


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