Saturday, January 8, 2011

Challenges, Elf Tights, and Evidence

Seven by 7 Challenge - Day 1

If this were a contest, the boys would have won.  They each got their seven items together super-fast!  Most notable items today:  two pairs of bright yellow elf tights, one action figure, one pair of too-heavy earrings, Lexi's pajamas that she's long outgrown and insisted on still wearing, seven out-of-style shirts from Jeremy's closet.  I think I still need to talk Lexi into five more items before the end of the day!

I'm not saying whhhhhoooo, but someone smallish and sneaky left evidence that she was once again smuggling food under the table.  I submit to you said evidence.
I guess I should give her partial credit for getting a bowl to eat her chocolate chips under the table.

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