Friday, January 21, 2011

Fitness Friday: 10ish weeks til Race Day

Saturday - Scheduled: 5K race pace.
I ran about 3.5 miles while out-of-town at my dad's house.  The run felt pretty good, but I learned that I must wear my knee strap now and that my iPhone better have a really good charge before I head out.  The joy of getting older wiser!

Sunday - Scheduled: Rest
Well, I didn't run, as scheduled, but I felt like I was "running" all day with {wedding} coordinating!  (Except when I kept tripping in my running shoes.  Who knew those things weren't made for walking?  I do better in heels.  Weird.)

Monday - Scheduled:  Stretch & Strengthen
Nope.  We drove back from Dallas and spent the day getting prepared for the week ahead.  My house feels awesome, though.

Tuesday - Scheduled:  3.5 mile run
I'll spare you the excuses and just tell you I switched this workout to Friday.

Wednesday - Scheduled: 6 x 400 meters (Speed training)
My motivation kicked back in and I got this done.  I really pushed myself pace-wise.  A deceptively long mile and a half, though!

Thursday - Scheduled:  Rest
Shuffled the "Rest" to Tuesday and traded Tuesday's 3.5 mile run.  I did 3 miles before work on the treadmill.  It was what I'd call a "tough" run.  Some runs you feel awesome, some you don't.  I spent the entire morning famished and my left foot was really hurting afterwards.

Friday - Scheduled: 3 mile run + strength
Great workout!  I did a core strength training workout and arms in our garage gym with Jeremy.  I decided that I'd go for the 3.5 I meant to run yesterday, but ran out of time motivation.  Justus is planning on running in a fun run for his school (well, actually I am, too), so he asked if he could run with me.  I knew he couldn't make the distance I needed to go, so I suggested he run the first half mile with me.  He did, then Jeremy picked him up and they went to get Lex at school while I finished three more miles that felt AWESOME!  I hope tomorrow's six mile run feels that good.

Accountability.  A beautiful thing!  Now that I know y'all might be looking over my shoulder... I'm a bit more motivated to get out there.  haha!  Soon enough, I'll get back to doing it for me cause I feel better when I do.  We're not there yet.  P.S. I had an idea that I'm super excited about!  Lace up your tennis shoes and watch for the announcement.

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  1. I love your honesty! :) Sounded like a good week, overall.


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