Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Golden Hour (Updated)

This morning as I'm walking from my car to the commuter bus, I was shaking my head about where the time goes in the morning.  I mean, I'm sure I could account for each of the minutes I spent getting up and ready.  But you don't really need to know how all this happens.

The point of what I'm trying to say is more about what doesn't happen.

Back to the bus, so my brain is engaged with... how do I make my mornings more efficient and less, well, LATE?  So, I pop open my Kindle App on my iPhone and pick up where I drifted off last night in my current read.
It wasn't long before the author, Dan Miller, started talking about how he spends, what he calls, The Golden Hour, which is the first hour of your day.  Basically, the idea is that what you do during that hour sets the tone for the whole day.

(Dear Dan, You had me at "Be very careful how you start your morning.")

He gave a negative example, then discussed briefly what he does and why he does it.  Again, a summary so you can follow my train of thought:  A) he gets a good night's sleep (which is something else I've been meaning to talk to you about!)  B) he does meditative and devotional reading for 30 minutes and C) he exercises and listens to inspirational material/books while he does it.  He is intentional about making sure all of the input during that hour is positive, creative, and inspirational.

My thoughts completely transformed.  Now, I see the problem!  It is less about being inefficient and more about setting a poor tone for my day.  So, what's on my mind today is how can I better spend that hour (as awful as 4:30am is!)?  What will I fill my mind, heart and body with first thing?  I don't have any answers yet.

So, the plan (now that I know what the real problem is!) is to get some wise input, figure out some alternatives, pick one, and run with it.

I'll let you know how it goes!

Update:  Let's kick this up a notch...  What goes into your Hall of Fame for best (or worst) Golden Hours?

Yesterday ranked in the Worst Hall of Fame.  The plumbing in the whole house backed up.  There were water and soaked towels and tears and yelling and hugging and apologizing and problem-solving and relief (that I could still make my coffee!), way too much action for The Golden Hour and probably a pretty good explanation for why I felt so miserable all day!


  1. Good luck! Maybe listening to relaxing music while getting ready would help? I think I may try that. A old co-worker told me one day he heard on the radio that if you don't say anything negative before 10 am, you will have a positive day.
    Sorry to hear about your awful morning yesterday!!

  2. Just let me start off by saying I have done other things today like clean kitchen, taught Emmy, and fed the babes. I have been doing my twitter and blog thang though.. back to biz, yes it is important to meditate, pray or just spend quiet time alone every day. I just took the Motherwise class at church and they really emphasized that. Before I put my feet on the ground every morning I pray for God to carry me through the day. I say a quick prayer for Albert and the babes. Take baby steps and it will become part of your routine. Don't get me wrong I sooo need to work on it too!!

  3. Hall of fame for the worst: having a foster mom call and wake me up at 6 AM on a Monday to let me know she has made a decision that puts me in violation of a court order.

    Hall of fame for best: waking up next to my husband for the first time and having someone make breakfast for us for one whole week straight

  4. Every morning, I get up, make some coffee, and sit in my favorite chair. I play games on my iPad, catch up on facebook, and read my bible while I drink my cup of coffee. It's quiet... It's calm... And when I'm down to the last drop, I'm energized and ready for the day!

    My worst would be getting out of bed in the cold and finning right away. Stinkin hate that.

  5. Should be running... Not finning. Sorry!

  6. From Diana Christiana, who very well might be my newest hero:

    First of all, I am a morning person yet to get off to work I have to be super organized the night before or I am doomed. I start with prayer but sometimes admit that it is quick and fragmented. I thank the Lord for another day, include a shout out for my family and others who I have commited to praying for. Most of the time this includes a list and the prayer (more like a conversation that gets off track) continues as I move into the bathroom, brush my teeth, and feed the cat. I ask God for advice on any pending concerns and to help me see His plan and not mine as I can be indepenednet too a flaw. Since I am ADD (really!), I have to keep moving in a routine fashion or I will most definitely get distracted doing unnecessary things like checking my email! When I get in the car, I listen to KSBJ and sing like I am a rock star (you are already aware of this burning desire!) and although I know I can't sing well, I feel that my Boss appreciates my effort. Not all days run smoothly but at the end of each I pray about the good, the bad, and the ugly and undoubtedly ask for forgiveness for something(s) I have done!


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