Friday, January 7, 2011

My Sneaky Plan for Stuff Domination

One reason reason we're focusing on {Less stuff} this year is because, the way I see it, every item you have requires some time investment to care for it.  Therefore, the more stuff you have, the more time you spend taking care of your stuff and the less time you have for actually having fun because you're too busy taking care of all your stuff!

So, we're unloading some responsibility to make room for more FUN...

...which is way more freeing than "decluttering!" ;)  I'm all for less responsibility!

But I haven't EXACTLY let my family in on this little nugget of wisdom.  And I certainly don't want to shock anyone with some massive stuff clean out!  So, this is my sneaky plan for getting rid of almost 200 things in one week... we're going to do a seven day challenge.  Every day for a week, each person will choose seven items to give away or throw away.  Seven things is not so bad... broken or outgrown toys, stained t-shirt, outgrown shoes (still counts as one item. nice try!),  decent purse that I'm just "over", decoration or tool that hasn't been used, etc. 

I announce the Seven x 7 Challenge tonight.  Wish me luck!  Do you want pics of our progress?  Does anyone want to play along?
Phew... I feel lighter already!

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  1. Love it. We've already decluttered big time. We do everytime we move! Gooooood luck. Best feeling ever.


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