Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

After picking up the kids at the glorious noon hour, we stopped in at Hobby Lobby cause mama wanted to get her craft on and that's what she did!  I'll share the results of that at an, ahem, more appropriate time.  In the meantime....
 We all gathered in the kitchen to whip up these {cupcakes} tonight.  They were delicious and fun to do together!  Just as I'm getting ready to fire up the mixer, though, I realized that I have absolutely NO cupcake liners to use for the cupcake tree.  So, I texted my sweet friend, {Meredith}, who lives almost around the corner and she rescued me with a perfect assortment of cupcake liners.

This is the first of many installments of our family motto for 2011, "More fun, less stuff".  More about that later, too!

Happy New Year!

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