Friday, January 28, 2011

Thursday is the New Friday!

Even if I have to work on Friday, somehow the weekend kicks off on Thursday in my mind.  Maybe it's the fact that I can select jeans to wear to work.  Fridays are casual Fridays around here, this week I kicked it up a notch and added flip flops.  The reason for the flip flops is that my foot is hurting and comfort is king this morning!

So, here's the weekend rundown:
  • Thursday- went out for fajitas with a friend.  I just love that girl!
  • Friday {Fitness Friday}.  date night.  He planned.  I think that's cute.
  • Saturday - {Spotlight Saturday}.  7 mile run.  test out my {new waffle maker}.  two birthday parties.  evening at home-pajama jump?  movie night?  game night?  friends visit?
  • Sunday - medals at the marathon.  rest.  yoga & RENEW.


  1. Fun weekend plans - and yay for casual Friday, haha.
    Yes, what's wrong with your foot?
    Also noticed you're reading 48 Days. I LOVE this book (probably sounds kind of funny coming from a SAHM) - it's taught both me and Chris about focus, goals, and discovering what God put us on earth to do. Awesome awesome book.


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