Saturday, January 22, 2011

It's not all about me

I just read a very sweet and encouraging Facebook message from my friend, Karen.  She was writing to tell me how she's been inspired by my ramblings on this blog.  (Okay, she didn't say "ramblings".  She's much nicer than that.)  Funny thing is, her note sparked me.  You see, I had this little idea in my head... and Karen's kind words nudged the idea into the "must do" category.  So, here goes!

It's not all about me.

Really, it isn't.  I have some seriously amazing and inspiring friends.  At least, I'm amazed and inspired by them.  Maybe they'll inspire you, too, but not if I don't tell you about them!  So, the idea was born:

Spotlight Saturdays

I'd like to take the opportunity, once a week, to tell you about the people in my life who challenge, encourage, and inspire me.  Is that cool with you?


  1. You're so creative! :)

  2. dude. i have wanted to do a "Friendly Friday" on my blog for like... a million years. bc i always feel like i have some of the most wonderfully awesome amazing ppl EVER who need to be BRAGGED about. love this.


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