Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Who knew my mailbox could be so inspirational?!?

I'd claim today was a great mail day, but we're not super good about picking up our mail everyday.

And by "not super good"

So, these two packages could have come at any point in the last several days.  Regardless, look!  There is nothing quite like a care package!   Marcia sent a very sweet one.  Confession:  I cried three times when going through the contents!  There was an awesome thank you note to Jeremy and me for our help with their wedding.  (cry #1)  The little gold bag is a pair of {emergency flats} that I accidently left at the reception {site} (which, by the way, was the dang cutest thing ever!).  She sent some Artichoke Parmesan Dip Mix.  It is apparently to die for and I may or may not want to share!
She sent a book that I simply cannot wait to dive into with Jeremy.  It's called {2:  How will you create something beautiful together?}.  She and Matt wrote a very very very sweet inscription. (cry #2)
As I flipped through the pages, one (not the one below) stopped me dead in my tracks because the quote was so true.  (cry #3)

How lucky am I?  My friend, {Renae}, posted this status on Facebook:
"‎2011 Pay it forward fun... I promise to send something hand made BY ME to the first 5 people who comment on this post and make a similar promise."

I was one of the first five
at the
in MY mailbox!
Renae made me this crafter's apron.  It has about a bajillion pockets and I adore the fabrics she chose for me.  So after my run tonight, I pulled on my jammies and put on the apron.  It inspired me to get started on my {Rosewood Wreath} tonight.... finally!

I made ten roses.  This project may be a lot tedious!  Maybe it will be done for winter before winter turns to spring.


  1. are you sure you want to promise that b/c i live in Ecuador. Actually shipping is not that bad. mari

  2. Mari, hahaha! I would have sent you something (even to Ecuador!), if you'd commented on my Facebook post, but I've got my five. ;) Kinda glad I have all year to get my handmade items done! But, by all means, steal the post and start it up again.

  3. Glad you like it Dana... I thought "what crafter wouldn't rather look cute while crafting! haha Enjoy!


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