Wednesday, February 9, 2011

It's a Major Award! ~Stylish Blogger Awards~

I was awarded the Stylish Blogger Award from Lauren at {The Knotty Boutique Co}!  Thanks, Lauren, you totally made my day!  I'm of course kidding about the major award (and I hope you appreciated the A Christmas Story reference), but I am truly flattered that she chose me!
Apparently, like Miss America, there are duties with this award, so I'll get right to those.

Seven Random Things about Me
  1. I was born in the happiest city in America, just ask {Oprah}.
  2. My secret ambition is to be a race car driver. This is becoming less and less secret, I guess.
  3. I believe everyone has a story.  If you're entrusted with someone's story, that's a BIG deal.
  4. I spent fifteen minutes talking on the phone to my sister in my closet last night.  
  5.  I received an award at work today for responding to the {flood} last Wednesday!
  6. When Jeremy and I became "official" {fourteen years ago}, we already knew we'd be getting married one day.
  7. I wear five rings every day.

And the Stylish Blogger Award goes to...
in no particular order

Lauren @ {Coffee on a White Shirt and Other Stains of the Day} inspires me daily with her newly started Romans 12 Project.  You really should check out her thoughts... she's got me thinkin'.  (I know Lauren in real life just a lil' bit, but I have a feeling that she and I would like shopping together.  Just sayin'.)

Tiffany @{Lemon Tree Creations} consistently inspires me to be crafty!  Seriously, how many posts can I "star" as must-do crafts from one person?!?

Nancy @{A to Zebra Celebrations} makes me want to make every day a party, which would be perfectly impractical, but a girl can dream.

Timberly @{Daily Dose of Crazy} keeps me laughing with her wicked funny sense of humor.  She's always keepin' it real, too, and I love that about her!  (She's not only a stylish blogger, but stylish and tres cool in real life.)
P.S.  I love this pic she posted today about the hat she plans to wear for a video shoot they are doing in the the freezing Houston temps tomorrow.

Meredith @{Sweet T Family} is so creative and inspires me to live every day to the fullest with my babies (who really aren't babies anymore!).  Mer gave me some good advice when I decided to start my blog.  She's also super fun to hang out with and one of those rare people who freely actually says how much she cares... love that about her!
I love this pic!  She had just made hot cocoa cupcakes and is sharing with her sweet oldest boy.  Love!

Alrightly, Stylish Bloggers, now it's your turn, girls!
The rules:
Thank and link back to the blogger who gave you the award.
Share seven things about yourself.
Award up to 15 bloggers, and be sure to let them know about the award


  1. You are so sweet!! Thanks for your precious words. Love you friend!!

  2. I love your list of 7 things! :) I learn so much about you. Yay for the award from work! Good for you!!

  3. Thank you, Dana! That was very sweet!


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