Sunday, February 27, 2011

Top Secret Mission with a Happily Ever After Ending

Our mission if we chose to accept it:  Set up the details for Rob doB's proposal to Whitney

Rob is a really good friend of Jeremy's... and a very dear friend of our family.  The kids adore him!

So, Rob recruited Jeremy to go ahead of him and set up the details for his proposal to Whitney.  We took advantage of some missions-benefit Valentine's babysitting at church at the last minute in order to accept the mission together.  I'm so glad I got to tag along!  We make a great team.

Rob would have to tell you about his plans for the whole day, but this is the part where we came in.  They were visiting one of the museums in the Houston museum district.  Meanwhile, we went to the top of the hill at Hermann Park/Miller Outdoor Theater to a very special spot where the happy couple shared their first kiss.  Not far from there, Rob had us post an envelope near the sidewalk.

Then we created a circle with stakes and chain to mark out that special spot.  We filled it with an abundance of red rose petals and a single red rose.  Very sweet, huh?
It was then that the Apple-nerd in these two came out.  I say that with much love and admiration-I assure you.  They had synced up their iPhones to be able to see where they were on a map, so we could tell when Rob & Whitney were still in the museum and when they started moving toward the park.  How very 2011, right?  So when their little blip on the map started moving towards us, we took our position just over the hill so we could see them from a distance.  We were given instructions to not be seen before, during or after.  We were the "magic makers."  So, from our viewing spot, Jeremy pretended to take pics of me, but really he was taking photos of Rob and Whitney over my shoulder.  He took a few of me, just to make it look legit.  

So, Whitney was reading the letter book that Rob wrote for her and didn't seem to be paying attention to where they were going.  When they arrived at the "spot", she almost seemed stunned when she looked up.  Rob got down on one knee...

She said "Yes"!  We could tell by all the cheers and clapping of the bystanders from our vantage point.  Happiness!

We waited until the coast was clear.  Then grabbed a fantastic dinner at Niko Niko, just the two of us.

Aren't they adorable?
(Sorry, doB, I know I just lumped you in the "adorable" category, but it's okay if you're a couple.) 
I'm so happy for y'all, Rob doB and Whit (almost) doB!  Can't wait to celebrate with you on your wedding day!


  1. So sweet and so fun that you guys were part of it!

  2. romantic!


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