Thursday, February 3, 2011

Happy February 3, Mr. Williams!

14 Things I Love About You
(one for each year since we decided "for good and for keeps")
Fourteen years ago
Fourteen years later

{1} I love that your love for me is unconditional.

{2} You are incredibly smart!

{3} I love your blue eyes.

{4} You are a fantastic daddy.

{5} I love that My Handyman can fix pretty much anything.  You can build just about anything, too.

{6} You say, "Good morning, beautiful/gorgeous/etc" every day and kiss me goodnight every night.
(plus it's even sweeter in person!)

{7} I love that you cook!
.... and you're good at it!

{8} You listen to me.

{9} I love that we dream together

{10} We go OUT and do fun stuff together.  (Even though you are a homebody.)

{11} I love that you and I make a great team!

{12} You are steady.  My consistent rock.

{13} You make me laugh.
{photo by Amy Pyer}

{14}  You know me, believe in me, and trust me.

I love you, Jeremy!

For those of you reading along:  February 3rd is the date that Jeremy and I became "official".  If there had been Facebook back then, we would have changed our status.  A lot has happened and a lot has changed in the last fourteen years.  I'm lucky and today is a day for celebrating us!


  1. What a beautiful post Dana, we have been blessed with AMAZING hubs;))))

  2. I love these stories!! You guys are so sweet to each other!

    March 13 is when I met my fiance, and May 14 is when we became official! That was 2 years ago! Dec 29 2010 is when he asked me to be his wife!

  3. Aww! Very sweet!

  4. Too sweet! Y'all just fit perfectly together. :)


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