Friday, February 11, 2011

Fitness Fridays: 7ish Weeks til Race Day

Friday - Scheduled: 3 mile run + stretch
FauxSnow Day!  Too cold to run outside and

Saturday - Scheduled: 8 mile run

Sunday - Scheduled: 3 mile run
Ran 8 (maybe 8.5) miles.  Man, I need to recalibrate my Nike+ GPS.  According to the trailmarkers, I ran 8.5 miles.  According to my iPhone, 8 miles.  I like the markers better.

Monday - Scheduled:  Stretch & Strengthen

Tuesday - Scheduled:  4 mile run
Ran 3 miles and Justus biked next to me.

Wednesday - Scheduled: 40 Minute Tempo Run (Speedwork)
Could I please get a treadmill at my house?  or a nearby gym?  This weather is ridiculous.

Thursday - Scheduled:  Rest
Two days of running?  This is the type of week that needs to inspire me to push it harder next week.  Encouragement accepted.  KthanksBye.


  1. Ok, so you had a lazy week, workout wise...but I bet next week will be much better! I hate how the weather wrecks havic like that. I'm so tired of winter!! I think it's funny you slacked on some of the runs, yet managed to do the 8 mile! You'd think it would be the other way around. I wish we could be workout buddies...


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