Saturday, February 12, 2011

Friend-Shaped Holes

When people come into your life they create a space shaped just for them.  The uniqueness of each person makes every space unique.  It's funny that when people fade out of your life, for whatever reason, they leave behind a hole that fits them and no one else.  It's impossible to fill that space with anything or anyone else.  I guess this is why we miss each other so much when we move, or life changes, or differences split us.

No one can ever take the place of a uniquely-designed-by-God person in your life.  The hole that a person makes in your soul may always be there.  As time passes, the edges may become less distinct.  Yesterday I got what may be my favorite text ever from my college-buddy, Kelly.  There's a hole in me that is shaped just for her and I love her for it.  The text was such an awesome reminder of who she is and the footprint she has made on my heart.

Interestingly, God has made the capacity of our hearts stretchable.  (That's a word.  I looked it up.)  When we feel we have no more love to give, somehow our hearts are able to adopt a few more people to love.  Isn't that amazing and such a blessing?


  1. Very good point, Dana.....I've been thinking the same thing lately about the dynamics of friendships. People in your life are truly irreplaceable. Change happens for so many reasons - moves, job, church, or just drifting away from shared interests and that hole is just there....I think until things start shifting into the new mold you don't realize how much of an impact those friends have left on your life - and maybe even how much you have changed as a result of the friendships. New faces and friendships are a blessing, but I'm still surprised sometimes at how permanent a hole those that are gone have left behind. Heaven I guess will be pretty incredible for one more reason - all those footprint people in your life will be back around and all the holes will get filled in.




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