Friday, February 11, 2011

For my little Valentines

When I spotted these mini mailboxes in the Dollar Spot at Target, I knew exactly what they were meant for!

I wanted to do something little for my kiddos for several days leading up to V-day. So last night I hopped on my laptop and designed some name plaques for them. The adorable {t-shirts A to Zebra Celebrations shared} gave me inspiration. So, a little Adobe Photoshop magic later and I had designs in hand to Mod Podge on the mini mailboxes!

Here are the results!

So, this morning my kiddos are waking up to educational Valentines. They are each getting some flash cards. Justus' are Division flash cards and Lexi's are sight words (she is becoming quite the little speller!)

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  1. Very cute!I bet they loved them!


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