Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Project Fashionista: Dana's thoughts

Alright, Dawnua!  Here it is... the answer (or at least a start) to {your question for me}.

Major in the basics
If you have money to spend, spend on your basics.  These are the pieces that carry you from one season to the next and the next.  So, quality is important in your "go to" pieces.  I love end-of-season sales for this.  For what it's worth, I used to buy EXPRESS Editors, exclusively, but I've found that I prefer the fabrics The Limited uses in it's dress pants because it holds up better.  I get more compliments on those pants simply because they drape better with the nicer fabric.
The Limited Exact Stretch Essential Flare Pant (sale $16.99)
When you're starting out, choose one color and stick with it.  I'd recommend black as your first basic color.  It often matches other trendy colors, but can carry you through several seasons.  Choosing one basic color to start with also eliminates the need for purchasing duplicates, because you don't also have to have a pair of brown shoes, belt and purse and a set of navy and a set of grey, etc.  Although, grey is a hot color right now and might make a great basic shade and easily combines with the basic black you have in your closet already.  Later, when budget allows, branch out into another shade or two.
Minor in the fun stuff
I'm more likely to buy trendier clothing articles as tops, rather than bottoms.  Usually, that's because I can find better deals and you can mix and match different styles of tops with your bottoms that will carry you through.  Ross, Marshalls,  and TJ Maxx are great for a top priced to get you through this season's trends.

The trends are very feminine right now:  ruffles, lace, flowers.  There won't be a huge shift coming up soon because of the economy, but expect to see some 70s glam, some motorcycle chic, some punk fashion, and some 50's and 60's ladylike added in.  For details on what's up and coming {this blog} was helpful.  I'd expect to add trends in with a statement piece here or there... a jacket or a piece of jewelry.  And pair some of the harsher styles with the soft and feminine details I was talking about.  It'll give you a nice balance.

Forever 21 Natalie Lace Top ($11.50)

Get real funky with accessories
This is the area in which I'm most likely to get more adventurous.  If your clothes aren't super loud, your jewelry/accessories can be louder without taking you over the top, which is especially important on the job.  Don't get me wrong, I'm not afraid to rock my zebra-striped hot pink-trimmed sling backs with a conservative outfit to work.  If you aren't sure what's up and coming, hop on your favorite store's website and look at the Must Have Looks, New Arrivals, Season's Essentials.  You'll see examples of how they've updated the styles and maybe how to wear the jewelry and pieces you have.  Today, I found out that I could update the ruffled sweater cardigan I bought two years ago by wearing it with a belt over it.  I had actually considered this, but couldn't figure out what to do to not "mash" the ruffle.  Mine's a little different, but it would work!

These are designed as hair clips, but what's stopping you from adding them to a collar or a purse or a cluster to a hemline on a skirt?  Here's a great {blog post from Little Miss Momma} about how to do that.

Forever 21 Wild Thing Clips ($1.50)
A scarf can dress up a simple T, sweater or blouse.  And since I just knew you were going to ask, here's {a guide for how to tie scarves}!
Forever 21 Metallic Threaded Diamond Scarf
Put a belt over a long shirt or cardigan.  You can wear it up around your waist or drop it down around your hips right now, either way works.

I usually choose one or two chunky and often blingy jewelry pieces.  These can really change the mood of your outfit.  You can go from modern to romantic based on the jewelry you choose.  Check out Forever21{dot}com for VERY inexpensive and trendy pieces.  They even have earrings for as little as $1.50/pair!  (I'm wearing a pair today.)

Forever 21 Reflective Stretchy Bracelet

Try embellishing what you have
Add a {flower} or this kind of {flower} (and make them out of clothes that maybe have a small stain or small hole, but lots of good fabric!).  Add some rhinestones.  Add some ruffles!  I'm loving {this tutorial for a ruffled T}, that I'd totally wear to work! (You'll love the price tag she got it for, too.  $2)  Maybe it's a little somethin-somethin is what takes something from drab to fab!  This applies to clothes, shoes, bags, barrettes, hair bands, etc.  With your gluegun and a little thread and maybe even some things you already have that need to be repurposed to be loved anew, you are so going to rock this because you are so creative!

Try altering what you have
EXPRESS just announced their Maxi skirt this season.  I'm thinking than I have an old dress in my closet that could easily turn into one of these gems and actually be worn again!

Here's another idea for repurposing an old pair of pants into a {new skirt}

As for shoes, comfort is key, but not king.  :)  If they hurt, no matter how cute they are, you won't wear them.  But if they're cute and wearable, that's a winner.  You're simply going to have to try them on.

Overall, I'd say ignore the trends if they don't feel good when you put them on.  A huge part of fashion is your confidence in the clothes and styles you wear.  People can look adorable in the most ridiculous things because they wear it like they mean it.  So, don't wear anything you don't mean.  And on the other side of that coin, don't be afraid to take a risk!  Fashion is always evolving.  So if it didn't work, you don't have to wear it again!  Hope we get to see some pics on {your blog} of what you decide to try out!


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