Friday, February 4, 2011

Fitness Friday: 8ish weeks til Race Day

This is one of those weeks, that I'd rather not post this, but here goes.

Friday - Scheduled: 3 mile run + strength
Worked, date night, didn't run.

Saturday - Scheduled: 7 mile run
Oddly, the first half was crazy hard to do and I was having a strange issue with a tight tendon on the inside and back of my left ankle.  The second half was great!

Sunday - Scheduled: 3 mile run
Handed out {Marathon Medals} and Yoga (totally counting this as Monday's Stretch & Strengthen)  Those medals are heavy!  And we toted them for six hours.  I was sore for days afterwards. 
Monday - Scheduled:  Stretch & Strengthen
Didn't make up Sunday's neglected run.
Tuesday - Scheduled:  4 mile run
Got in a 3.47 mile run before I turned into a legitimate popsicle.
Wednesday - Scheduled: 7 x 400 5K Race Pace (Speedwork)
The Lagos Room (as in Nigeria) decided to become {Lake Lagos} (enjoy the irony of that one.)
Thursday - Scheduled:  Rest
Totally on it!  I've got this one down.  Funny thing is that I forgot that I was scheduled to rest and packed my running shoes for work.  But they closed the offices at three and I assume the gym closed too, so no unnecessary run for me.

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