Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Remind me to tell you about...

and shall we vote for the dress again?
(Remember that?  That was fun.)

My brother is getting married April 2 in Savannah, GA.  It's an evening wedding, adults only.  I'll be attending with my sister.  Both of these fun frocks are on their way to my house.  They were on a major sale that I couldn't pass up.  Cast your vote on the right column.

Luxe Lamina Dress
The seemingly abstract print on this lovely wrap dress is actually a menagerie of detailed black leaves, arranged in an elaborately elegant pattern over the body. Ruffles along the armholes and wrap front add a delicately feminine touch.

On the Spiral Stair Dress
Elaborately pleated, deep V-neck collar accentuates her torso, while the cummerbund-like waistband, finished off with a silver bow, adds a demure touch of girlish charm. Like that of a pencil skirt, the straight lines of her dress create a flattering shape.


  1. Luxe Lamina! It's gorgeous! And will be stunning with a great necklace with a splash of color. Just lovely!

  2. I voted, but I like them both. I think the Luxe Lamina seems more like a fun, stylish party dress and the On the Spiral Stair dress seems more formal and "refined"? (I don't know if that's necessarily the word I want, but that's what keeps popping up in my mind!) Either way, they are both beautiful and you will look gorgeous in either one! :)


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