Friday, March 11, 2011

Little Bits

The Spontaneous Planner!
I'm never quite sure whether to count myself as "spontaneous" or a "planner".  I'm definitely some funky hybrid of the two.  Case in point:  family vacation.  Our last big one was a trip to Disney World.  I researched for weeks, planned which park we'd go to each day, determined how we could maximize our Free Dining Plan, and plenty of other control-freak behaviors.  Enter Teen Mission Auction a few weeks ago, and you'll see me, having spent ALL of my browsing time looking at tables and the Big Board and completely ignoring the Live Auction items, which I was now watching the auctioneer offer up.  He mentions something.  A condo?  Something about 5 nights and 6 days?  And a price.  No one takes it.  So, he lowers it to right about figure Jeremy and I had agreed upon to donate.  I throw a quick, "You want it?" to Jeremy.  He's answers, "What is it?"  I reply, "A vacation?"  To which he shrugs and smiles, "Sure!"  So I bid, no one counters, and it's SOLD. To me.  Whatever it is?!? 
All that to tell you that we are so stoked that this summer we'll be making the 945 mile trek to Angel Fire, New Mexico!   
Turns out its a wonderful two bedroom condo for 6 nights and 7 days!  Several people came up and told us just how great it is.  The weather is likely to be absolutely gorgeous.  Comfortable during the day and cooler at night.  Looking forward to hiking, fishing, biking, and being generally outdoors-y!  We'll try to stay away from the mountain lions, black bears, bobcats and coyotes... and there I go, back into "planner mode"!

We had {Gina} and the kids over for dinner on a Friday night that Bryan was at a Youth Ministry event.  We enjoyed some delicious hamburgers and had some serious fun on the trampoline!  Lexi and Bryce jumped for quite a while, while we rocked and played with Jaden on the back porch.  Gina and I may or may not have gotten in some jumping  action (along with a few signature toe touchs), but you'll never know because there are no photos to prove the validity of such an accusation.

This was some time ago, during all that really cold weather in February we were having all across the country.  We took a little trip over to the indoor playplace with {Ambre}, Jolie, and Lucas.  I snapped a couple of pics of Lexi loving on her friends.  I'm confident that Jolie is perfectly capable of putting a Goldfish Cracker in her own mouth, but I guess it's fun for both of them for Lex to feed her.

Family Albums!
I bought three albums on a Living Social deal for Snapfish.  They arrived this week!  There was a little drama with the credits in my cart, but nothing this mama couldn't handle.


  1. ANGEL FIRE IS THE BOMB!!! soooo many happy memories there :) have a BLAST!

  2. Wow! That's awesome that you got the trip! The picture you posted is gorgeous! I bet you guys will have a great time.


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