Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I've missed y'all.

Kinda hoping you missed me, too!  What's been on my mind since I last blogged?
To Do Lists That Never End
I was almost caught up on the things I wanted {you to remind me to tell you}, but just like all things in life the list never stops growing... so, add on:  
And I promise I'll get you pics and details soon(ish)!

 The Last RENEW Session
It was a wonderful series!  I literally felt restored, refreshed and loved on every time I went.  This week, we talked about relationships.  I can't really recap the whole talk here, but we covered relationships with self, others and God and went a whole lot deeper than you would expect in 45 minutes!  She really got me thinking with some thoughts about why I am the way I am and why I think the way I do.  I've been contemplating the things in my life that have shaped me.  And I'm trying to come to terms with dealing with the ugly things in me that need re-shaping... namely the things I tell myself about myself and the way that kind of thinking results in actions that hurt the ones I care most about.  I don't wanna be her.at.all.  Funny thing is I can't drive the ugly out.  It simply doesn't work that way.  Looks like I'm going to have to learn to guide the good and beautiful in gently and graciously and forgivingly show ugly to the door.

On A Lighter Note
I'm so happy about my find!  {Awkward and Awesome} is probably the funniest thing I've encountered in a while.  Bloggers link up their posts about the awkward and awesome things that happened to them this week.  This is a nice healthy dose of let-your-hair-down humanity!  We all have a little awkward and a little awesome in us, so embrace it.  I fully intend to have an Awkward and Awesome post for you on Thursday and I'll be linking up.  You should too!

Click the pic and find links to all the Awkward and Awesome blog posts submitted last time.

I won tickets on the radio a week ago Sunday (lucky!), so we're heading out with some friends to enjoy it tomorrow.  And I bought my first pair of cowboygirl boots!

So much more to say, but this girl needs some sleep!

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