Monday, March 28, 2011

Crazy Cousins!

Just wanted to share the last few pictures from the Williams Family Reunion this month.
Rece, Roen, and Lexi getting their jump on.

Jeremy's brother, Stephen

Claire.  (Lexi was so proud to help pick out her outfit!)

Lexi and Rece.  iPhoning it.
Nana jumped with us!!!

Soren, Sawyer, and Justus
Lest you think the only thing we do around here is JUMP...

sometimes we shoot each other with AirSoft guns.
 (and by "we" I mean, not me and not Lexi.)
Granny and Claire
Lexi snuggling with Uncle Stephen and Cousin Claire


Lexi and Sawyer
We had a blast!


  1. We had such a good time. Thanks for the memories!!! You guys are great. Love you!


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