Saturday, March 19, 2011

Adventures in Texas History: A Fourth Grade Field Trip

I had the priviledge of joining Justus' class for their fourth grade field trip.  We went to Morton Cemetery and the Fort Bend Museum.  I don't know if you know much about Texas, I didn't grow up here so I didn't learn Texas history, but Texas history is

I really enjoyed it and learned a few things along the way.
Morton Cemetary is rich in history from the earliest settlers in Texas.  Jane Long, the mother of Texas, is even buried here!  This lady from the museum told us some stories and history of the three hundred families who were the first to come and started a new life right here where we live in Texas.  (Talk about an adventure!)  Then she sent us off to discover on our own.

Justus learned how to do a rubbing from the inscription.

Justus with his buddy, Josh

Class fashion show of typical clothes the settlers would have worn.

The kids got to try their hand at the daily chores of the settlers.  Here Justus is washing clothes.

And wringing them out.  (It made me thankful for my washer and dryer!)
Then, he hung them up to dry.

He liked washing clothes so much, he had to sneak in an extra load!

Grinding corn into cornmeal to feed the chickens.  The kids also made butter from cream and got to taste it!

Justus has chosen some great friends at school.
We had a great day together!  He's growing up so fast.  It's so fun to see the young man he is becoming.  He's smart, funny and passionate about loving life!

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